Planes of Tlessa

Mythical items

Mythical items are orange in your inventory, as you can see to the right or bottom for mobile.

Mythical Items are more powerful then the most expensive Uniques and are randomly rolled. You can re-roll aspects of Mythics by using The Queen of Hearts in Hell.

Characters can only have one mythic in an equippable set and only have one equipped. You cannot have a unique and a mythic equipped or in the same set to be equipped.

You can also use The Queen of Hearts in hell to move the enchantments on Mythical items to other items, making them Mythic.

Mythics can be gained from 3 sources:

- Rare random drop from Purgatory Dungeons in Purgatory

- Rare drop from Monthly PVP, Guaranteed if you are the winner.

- Rare drop from Celestial Kings which spawn after the monthly pvp event.

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