Planes of Tlessa


Crafting is the second most essential skill behind enchanting. It only requires gold, no resources, nothing. You can select the item you want to craft and simply hit craft to make the item. There is a chance to fail and when you are new and shiny to crafting, you will fail often.

But if you kill monsters while crafting there are a chance, especially with early monsters to get valuable quest items that help increase the chance of successfully crating.

There are also valuable enchantments that help with crafting.

As you level you will unlock more items to craft and the price only gets more and more expensive over time.

There is no automation of any kind for ether crafting or enchanting and there are a few different types of crafting:

-      Weapon (Consists of regular weapons, Staves, Hammers and Bows – the latter three are two handed weapons)

-      Armour

-      Rings

-      Spells

Each type, listed above, has its own crafting skill section. For example, if you want to craft weapons, you will level the Weapon Crafting skill.

If you choose to craft Hammers, Bows, or Staves it still levels the Weapon Crafting Skill.

Players who do not craft are stuck with shop gear; shop gear only goes up to 2 billion gold while crafted items can go to 36+ billion gold (a player may have 2 trillion gold on them at any one time.)

You can see below a list of items and the required skill level to craft the item and when the item becomes trivial.

How to craft

As mentioned, crafting is easy and essential to character progression. We can see in the image to the right or bottom for mobile, that we have a Craft/Enchant drop down that has various types of crafting options.

For these purposes we will stick with Craft.

How mobile players access crafting is slightly different then how PC players access it. For mobile you will select the Crafting option from the actions drop down and then you will have the same blue drop down to select the crafting type from.

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Once the craft section is open (see image to the right or bottom for mobile) you will see we have various types of crafting options mentioned above. There are 4 types of weapons you can craft that all level weapon crafting.

-      Regular Weapons (Weapons) which are useful to any one and any class.

-      Staves, which are useful for Arcane Alchemists and Heretics (Two handed)

-      Bows, which are useful for Rangers (Two handed)

-      Hammers, which are useful for Blacksmiths (Two handed)

All these weapons can be equipped by anyone. However, some classes have special attacks that fire automatically if you have specific weapons equipped and level your class skill.

For example, Blacksmiths who equip a Hammer have a chance to do a devastating attack to their enemies called Hammer Smash.

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Let’s craft ourselves a stave. As you can see to the right or bottom for mobile, we have a list of staves to craft. You may not have as many as the image does, but over time you will unlock more.

You will want to pay attention to the Server Messages tab in the chat section when crafting to see if you succeeded, failed (and lost the investment) or if you have new items, or if the item is too easy to craft.

Remember all items have a skill level required to craft and a skill level when it becomes too trivial for you to craft.

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Now that we have our item selected, all we have to do is hit craft and wait for the 10 second timeout before attempting again.

See image to the right or bottom for mobile.

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In the image to the right or bottom for mobile, we can see we have crafted the item. You might fail and lose your investment, it’s a roll of the dice based on, in this case your Weapon Crafting Skill’s Skill Bonus.

As mentioned before there are various enchantments and a few quest items that will increase not just the skills skill bonus but also the XP per successful craft.

Some players often tend to make themselves, at later levels, a full set of crafting specific gear with enchantments to make the process easier.

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That’s really all there is to crafting, you select what you want, you hit the craft button and you repeat the process.

A tip for new players is to keep the items you craft so you can turn around and then enchant the items with enchantments and then any item you don’t want you can disenchant to level both the disenchanting and enchanting skill.

You can also sell these items to the shop and after enchanting them, to the market.

Crafted items, as you saw above can be clicked on to see if it’s better than what you have on and possibly equip it.