Planes of Tlessa


Strength Mofidfier
+ 0 pts.
Durability Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Dexterity Modifier
+ 5 pts.
Intelligence Modifier
+ 1 pts.
Charsima Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Focus Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Agility Modifier
+ 0 pts.
Accuracy Modifier
+ 5 %
Dodge Modifier
+ 3 %
Looting Modifier
+ 5 %
Defense Modifier
+ 0 %
Class Skills
Class Attack Bonus

With a bow equipped you have a small chance to attack 3 additional times with the bow, without being blocked.

Ranger triple attack
Base Chance:
Bow equipped


Focus on raising your Agility and Dexterity. Train your Accuracy skill to make sure you can hit something, then your class skill.

It is suggested you only equip a bow as your class skill has a chance to fire the damaging aspect and do triple attacks.

For affixes, focus first on dexterity and agility based, while having at least one life stealing affix and at least one damaging affix.

Rangers who use Cast and Attack or Attack and cast can heal without spells, at 15% of their CHR. If a ranger has a healing spell equipped they still get the additional 15% chr added to their healing output.

Rangers will want a race that quick and nimble (High Elf or Centaur) or focuses on dexterity, Orc.