Planes of Tlessa

Blacksmith's Forge

As you level this skill you will unlock a new building, called Cannoneer Shop to create cannons for your kingdom that can also be deployed out to war. The higher this building level the less iron will be used throughout the kingdom (up to 35%, 7% per level). This stacks with any cost reduction for the kingdom.

Max Level:
Hours Per Level *:
Bonus Per Level:
Iron Cost Reduction
Parent Skill:
Building Management
Unlocks when parent is level:
Is Locked?

* There is a formula to figure out the new time, Let's assume the skill at level 0, takes 2 hours. At level 1, the new time requirement to get to level 2 will be 1 + 1 * 2 = 4 hours. Let me break that down: New Skill Level (1) + 1 * Total Hours at level 0 (2) = 4 Hours.

Child Skills

These skills will unlock at specific levels of this skill.

Name Max Level Unlocks at Level Parent Unlocks
Cannoneer Shop 1 5 Is Parent Has no unlockables
Blacksmith's Furnace 1 3 Is Parent Efficient Smelting,

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