Planes of Tlessa

Efficient Smelting

Reduces the time it takes to smelt iron into steel by 5% per level for a max of 25%.

Max Level:
Hours Per Level *:
Bonus Per Level:
Bonus Resources Per Level:
Steel Smelting Time Reduction
Parent Skill:
Blacksmith's Furnace
Unlocks when parent is level:
Is Locked?

* There is a formula to figure out the new time, Let's assume the skill at level 0, takes 2 hours. At level 1, the new time requirement to get to level 2 will be 1 + 1 * 2 = 4 hours. Let me break that down: New Skill Level (1) + 1 * Total Hours at level 0 (2) = 4 Hours.

Child Skills

These skills will unlock at specific levels of this skill.

Name Max Level Unlocks at Level Parent Unlocks
Airship Fields 1 2 Is Parent Attack from above, Airship Defence,
Bountiful Smelting 8 5 Is Parent Has no unlockables

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