Planes of Tlessa

Ranked fights

Tlessa’s end game consists of you growing your character through class ranks, equipment and levels to take on some of the strongest creatures which cap out at 650 Billion health by the time the game reaches Rank 50.

Your whole goal is to kill these creatures in one hit and be the first one to the current highest rank for that month.

These creatures are designed to either be killed during your turn or you die and they move away.

Players will have to head to the Underwater Caves, as you can see to the right or bottom for mobile, on Surface – at any time they think they are ready – and take o these creatures.

Players who reach the end of the critter list for a rank will be rewarded with:

- 1 Legendary Item

- 2 Billion Gold

- 10,000 XP

A player who is first to kill the last critter on the highest rank for that month, will get:

- 1 Mythic

- 1 Trillion Gold

- 100,000 XP

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When you arrive at the Underwater Caves your fight section will update as you can see to the right or bottom for mobile.

Mobile players fight section will also update to reflect the rank selection.

By default all players start on Rank 1.

As you go further down the rank list the monsters health and stats will get stronger and stronger.

Characters will want to make use of Reincarnation and Class Specialties, specifically mixing and matching to boost the damage as high as possible, while also doing additional damage.

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Players can select a rank at any time, Tlessa started off with a maximum of 10 ranks and over time will grow to 50 ranks, where creatures have ~650 Billion in Health and stats.

See image to the right or bottom for mobile.

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For example, here’s a character who is attempting to take on a Rank 1 God of Lizardkin (see to the right or bottom for mobile.) Players will want to make sure they have the best gear and have made use of other systems to unlock more power for their character.

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Server Side Fights Only (Clicking Required)

Ranked fights are all done on the server and cannot be used for exploration. The location will not let you explore and if you are exploring you wont be able to enter the location.

Rank Tops

Players can open their side bar menu and see a new page under the Tops section (see image to the right or bottom for mobile).

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Here, to the right or bottom, you can see a chart and I have selected a rank. Now the data for this image is all generated, but the idea is simple you can see who is where on the lists.

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Final Thoughts

Ranked fights are Tlessa’s main end game system and will take players many hours to achieve top ranks as they will want to have access to Purgatory for the currencies, make use of Mercenaries, Buy Purgatory chain gear, apply holy oils, enchantments and then - if not already – start investigating class ranks to unlock new buffs and specials.

Ranked fights make use of every system you have interacted with to build towards players being able to take on the strongest of the strongest creatures so far!