Planes of Tlessa

The Smugglers Are Back!


Long before the merchants arrived at smugglers port, the place was run by pirates and escaped convicts. They kept the caves full of stolen goods, alcohol and gold. It wasn't until roughly around 100 years ago that the merchants had come through via the sea and waged a war with the smugglers and bandits of the area. There was a small period of peace with the bandits of the area for about 25 years, but it wasn't until recently when the merchants decided they wanted the port. The night the merchants came, was the night the moon was covered in blood. Now the son of a pirate lord who wonders the lands has come back to Smugglers Port to take back the port and other ports of the area. He is Rutheless and deadly.
Raid Boss

Son of the Pirate Lords who you will find at Smugglers Port

Raid Boss Ancestral Item (Reward)

This item is only given to those who kill the Raid Boss.

Ancestral Finger Bone of The Magi Troth

Raid Monsters
Corrupted Locations

These are locations where the monster list will change from regular critters to that of the raid monsters.

Smugglers Port Surface 160 80
Dalix Surface 320 288
Port of Salix Surface 432 208
Karth Surface 32 256

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Reward Items

These items will drop when the raid is completed. Players will get one item, at random, so long as they are in the top twenty Five damage dealers to the raid boss

Name Type
Pirate Leather Sleeves Sleeves 0 600,000 0
Buckler of Thiefs Shield 0 1,000,000 0
Pirate Soft Scale Leggings Leggings 0 600,000 0
Pirate Jeweled Leather Helm Helmet 0 600,000 0
Pirate Cloth Gloves Gloves 0 600,000 0
Pirate Lords Boots Feet 0 600,000 0
Pirate Lord Leather Body 2,000,000 0 0
Pirates Pistol Weapon 5,000 0 0
Oceanic Mages Stave of the Waters Stave 5,000 0 0
Pirates Bloodshed Spell damage 1,000,000 0 0

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