Ring Crafters Book

Item Details

Allows you to craft rings better.

Base Damage:
0 (With all modifiers)
Base AC:
0 (With all modifiers)
Base Healing:
0 (With all modifiers)

Affects the Following Skills:

Skill Name:
Ring Crafting
Skill XP Bonus (When Training):
Skill Bonus (When using)

Quest Item Details

Quest items, like this one are used automatically. For example if the quest item gives bonuses to a crafting skill or enchanting, then the skill bonus and xp will be applied upon crafting or enchanting. If its an item, like Flask of Fresh Air for example - then it gets used when you attempt to walk on water for the first time.

Drops from:
Sewer Rat
Drop chance:

Found By Visiting:
Minotar Port
304 / 384

Adventure Name:
The white dragons lair
Location of adventure:
Dagon cliffs
192 / 176

Quest Name:
Ring Lord