Planes of Tlessa

Account deletion

After 5 months of being in active, we flag your account for deletion.

You can still log in and this will remove the flag before 6 months has passed.

Once flagged, if you do not log in for a total of 6 months, your account will be deleted. No email will be sent to you.

What gets deleted?

  • All character data, including Kingdoms which are handed over to the NPC kingdom holder for other players to purchase.
  • All market place listings
  • All items, sets, quests, logs - such as attack kingdom attack logs, completed quests, completed guide quests and so on are deleted.
  • All User data including Email and Password.

Tlessa takes your privacy and security seriously. You can trust we will never sell your email or send you unwanted emails before or after account deletion.

Should your account be deleted and you would like to come back, you may of course register a new account at any time.

Should you wish to delete our account your self, you may login and click/tap the profile icon in the top right and then click/tap on settings. There will be a big red, visible delete account button under the character name change. After confirming this is what you want to do, we log you out in a moment you will receive an email confirming your account was deleted.