Planes of Tlessa


Tlessa has a way for characters to gain more currencies, quicker and faster through the use of Mercenaries, which lives on your Character Sheet – as you can see to the right or bottom for mobile.

Mercenaries require players to unlock them through a quest in Labyrinth. The quest line is easy to new players who have access to Labyrinth.

The quest line starts with the quest: The story of the children.

After you complete this quest line you will have unlocked mercenaries. It is suggested players do this as quickly as they can to farm valuable currencies such as Gold Dust, Shards and (if you have completed the quest The magic of Purgatory in Hell) Copper Coins.

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The Children

There are four mercenaries you can purchase, each for 10 million gold.

- Child of gold dust – increases gold dust as you level them

- Child of shards – increases shards as you level them

- Child of copper coins – increases copper coins as you get them.

- Child of gambling – Increases rewards when using the slots – stacks with the other children.

When you purchase a mercenary, you can see them in the table, as shown above, and you can also click on the name, as show to the right or bottom for mobile, to see the details.

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Leveling up the mercenaries

As you fight monsters, mercenaries will gain 25XP per kill. If you have 4 of them, all 4 will gain the 25XP per kill.

It requires 1000 XP to level them one level.

The best way to level them is through Exploration.

Leveling a mercenary, increases the bonus given, which is then applied to any action, with the exception of quest rewards, that would give you that currency.

For example if you purchase the Child of gold dust and do a lot of enchanting, leveling this mercenary means you get even more gold dust per disenchant.

There are 100 levels for each mercenary, meaning a grand total bonus of 100% for the currency the child adds a bonus to.

Reincarnating your mercenaries

All mercenaries can be reincarnated, this means when a mercenary reaches level 100, you can click the name to see the details and the reincarnate button will be enabled for you.

It costs 500 shards to reincarnate a mercenary and they can be reincarnated 10 times.

This means, which you reincarnate, that the mercenary in question is reset to level one, you will then repeat the leveling process again to now get a total bonus of 200%

Repeat this 9 times to get a total bonus of 1100%

Final Thoughts

mercenaries are a great way to help with the currency wall a lot of players will eventually encounter. The grind that is required is rewarded by giving you more and more currencies through any action – again with the exception of quest rewards – to get even more of that currency type.

Pairing mercenary system with slots, gives you even more currencies when you match 2 or 3 of the currency type.

This is because the Child of gambling and the Child of (currency name here) will stack giving you a grand total of 2200% when you spin, match and get your currency reward.

Using mercenaries and slots, or mercenaries and Gold Mines special location or even Purgatory Dungeons will give you more currencies then you know what to do with.