Planes of Tlessa

Monthly pvp event

Tlessa offers players a way to test their strength against another player, or in this case set of players, through the Monthly Pvp Event

Every month, at the end of the month, a new button will appear in your actions section. This is completely optional, and you do not have to participate.

Those who do get a prize for losing and the winner gets a mythical prize.

To join click the Join Pvp Button (see image to the right, bottom for mobile), select the attack style and click join.

Between 8am GMT-6 and 6:30 GMT-6 you will have the option to join and change your attack type.

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6:30 GMT-6 – FIGHT!

At 6:30 GMT-6, there is a 15-minute window for you to get ready. You MUST be logged in to participate, registering will not guarantee you a spot, only being logged in during the event, are you able to participate.

After the 15-minute timer is done, you will be teleported to the Arena which is a new location that players cannot enter.

Your screen will refresh so that all dialogues and so on are closed. You will be told when you are being moved and of the 15-minute window you have left to prepare.

During the Attack

Once the fighting starts, everything is automated, you wont be able to move or attack creatures. All players will be re-ordered from lowest level to highest, then they fight.

For example, the defender, if defeated will see the following – to the right or bottom for mobile, which indicates they have been attacked. As per the usual PVP fight – they will be moved away from the arena and have a two minute timeout from being attacked again.

The winner of said fight, will move on to fight the next player and because they, the winner, has defeated the other player – they have a chance, for every win, to get a Mythic item – which is better then a 100 billion Unique and can even be re-rolled and have it’s enchantments moved to your gear through the Queen of Hearts.

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After the Event

Once the event the last player standing gets fifty-billion gold and a Mythic Unique. A global message goes out congratulating that player.

After which 4 Celestial Kings: Surface, Labyrinth, Dungeons and Shadow Planes will spawn. This is first killed first serve concept, like other Celestials.

These kings are balanced for their planes and are the strongest of their plane for Celestials.

Players who manage to kill one have a chance to get a Mythic Unique, the roll is the same as for killing a player, how ever you get to apply a max of 15% of your looting skill towards the chance.

Celestial kings cannot be conjured and cannot spawn when celestials spawn weekly.

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