Planes of Tlessa

Version: 1.4.1, Class Rank UI Change And a new Shop!, Published on: Jan 07 2023

Hello all and welcome back to Planes of Tlessa, I have an exciting update for you today!

Class Ranks UI Change

The way players interact with their class ranks has changed slightly. The help docs have been updated to reflect the new change.

The change is:

You now click Manage specialties in the Class ranks modal bottom section. This will open a new modal with three tabs: Class Ranks - all of them, with a new filter for specific class type or by equippable.

Your second tab is your equipped specials.

Your third tab is other specials, not equipped but that you have made progress in.

Clicking on specials in the third tab will show you the progress you have made thus far.

Goblin Shop

There is a new shop in game that uses a currency you may have a lot of: Gold Bars.

You can access this shop via the shop menu in the side bar.

The Goblin Shop only accepts gold bars, thus players have to have kingdoms.

You can buy XP Potions that last 8 hours in either +100%, +250%, +500% or +1000% at a cost of 100, 250, 500, 1000 Gold Bars and they do not stack.

For 2000 Gold Bars players can buy a Level Potion that lasts for 4 hours and every time you gain a level, you gain an additional level - does not stack.

When a player buys an item from the goblin shop, if you have a kingdom who can absorb the cost of the item, that kingdom will have its gold bars deducted.

If the cost cannot be deducted from one kingdom, we will take the cost out of ALL kingdoms that can afford this (when added together) splitting the cost evenly.

Much like Class Ranks, this is also a phase one release. Future phases will require the character to have more then one kingdom to purchase: Class marks a future feature that unlocks new classes who's restrictions require other classes in your class ranks to be specific levels before unlocking in conjunction with you needing to purchase the appropriate class mark.


  • Fixed issue where if one class rank is maxed and equipped, others would not gain xp.
  • Created a way to remove stale unit and building queues.
  • Players who's Goblin Coin Bank is below level 5 cannot with draw or deposit Gold Bars.

Version: 1.4, 1.4 - Class Depth, Published on: Dec 30 2022

Hello all and welcome back to another Planes of Tlessa update.

Today we have a new feature: Class Ranks, Class Weapon Masteries and Class Specialties.

These can be accessed by you going to your character sheet and clicking the Class Ranks orange button, from here it will open a modal will you will manage your specialties equipped, your class equipped and other related details.

Class Ranks

Class ranks allow you to level a class as well as switch classes at anytime.

  • Class Ranks are leveled by killing creatures while you have that class equipped.
  • Class Rank XP per kill is a flat 10,000 and the required XP per level is also a flat 1,000,000.

Leveling class ranks unlocks class specialties, which you can mix and match with other class specialties to create your own unique build.

Note: Currently Class Ranks is in phase one of the development. Phase two will include the ability to unlock new classes that you cannot select during registration.

Class Weapon Masteries

Each class is more proficient (damage wise) with specific weapon types. having these equipped means more damage out the gate, you can level these to master new weapons and increase your weapon damage with that specific type of weapon.

  • Class Weapon Masteries are leveled by you equipping a weapon of tat type and fighting monsters with it.
  • Weapon Masteries give 10,000 XP per kill and require 1,000,000 XP per level.
  • As you level a weapon you get a % equal to the level, ie, level five in bows means you do 5% more damage.
  • Some classes have better starting levels for their weapon masteries then others, for example a Heretic is better with staves and damage spells, where as a Prophet is better with Healing Spells and Weapons.

Class Specialties

Each class has a set number of specialties that can be unlocked as you level the Class Rank. Some of these increase damage, ac, spell damage and so on. Others - at later levels of the class - do damage at specific intervals of the battle.

  • Class Specialties are additional effects you can equip to give your character a boost in damage, ac, healing, health, damage stat or equip specialties that do damage based on specific attacks.
    • For example, the fighter has a class specialty that allows you to better play as a spell slinging sword mage as it requires you to use Attack and Cast attack type for it to fire.
  • Class Specialties that are equipped will gain levels, increasing their power over time.
  • Class Specialties will gain 10,000 XP per kill and require 1,000,000 XP to level. They must be equipped to gain XP.
  • Characters may only have 3 specialties equipped. A character may not have more then one damage specialty equipped at any one time, this means you could have a Damage Increasing Specialty, A Armour Class and On Damage Specialty.

Ranked Fights

Ranked fights are apart of Tlessa's end game. Once players have Purgatory Chain gear, outfitted with holy oils and top end enchants - players can head to the Underwater Caves on surface where they can participate in server side fights.

Monsters here grow in strength based on the rank selected, the maximum rank will increase once per month, giving way to even stronger creatures.

The idea here is the players will one shot these creatures or die a horrible death. Upon death, the enemy will move.

Players will want to make use of reincarnation to push their stats even further in order to progress down the rank list.

Players will also want to make use of the Class Specialties to push their stats as well as use an additional special attack.

Players will also want to make use of Thunderous Claps (Alchemy top end item) to boost their stats even further to take on the higher rank creatures.

The basics are below:

  • Select Rank (start with 10 ranks)
  • Select Monster
  • Server Side Fight (cannot explore here, must manually click)
  • Ranks increases by 1 per month to a max of 50 ranks.
    • The higher the rank, the stronger the creature.
  • Rank list under Tops -> Ranked Fights resets per month when the rank level increase, when rank level can no longer increase the chart will still refresh.
  • Monster Stats increase as the ranks get higher, they start with 250,000 stats and increase as you move down the list of critters as well as down the rank list.
  • Vampire Life Stealing Ability is reduce to a maximum of 50% in this location.
  • Failure to kill the enemy in one hit means certain death for the player and the if the player dies, the enemy will "move" and no longer be able to be attacked.
  • Rewards are given to players who clear a rank, these include 10K Xp, 2 Billion Gold and 1 Legendary Randomly Generated Affix (You wont get the item if your inventory is full).
  • Players who manage to be the first to get to the end of the current months final rank will get 100K Xp, 1 Trillion Gold, 1 Mythic Item (given to players regardless of inventory fullness).

A player who has maxed out their reincarnation and uses 10 Thunderous Claps can make it to the top list for the first few months - until the enemies get insane. This is where characters will need to mix in some of their class specialties that boost specific abilities and even deal damage.

Reincarnation changes

If a player manages to max their stats to 999,999 before the game reaches level 9,999 (the game cap) - there was no point in the player continuing to level anymore as there stats would no longer increase.

To mitigate this, once a player reaches 999,999 in their stats through reincarnation, if the player continues to level they will get 0.01% stat increase per level to all stats accept their damage stat which will instead get 0.02% every level meaning every 100 levels you get 1 and 2% respectively added to your modded stats.

Mythic Items Drop Rate Changes

  • Purgatory Dungeons will now drop a mythic if you roll above 245 on a 1/250 chance with no modifiers applied. This is a Nerf from 1/1000 with a roll higher then 999 with no modifiers.

Version: 1.3.3, Airships and Reincarnation, Published on: Nov 26 2022

Welcome back to Planes of Tlessa. Today's release includes some new kingdom updates and some mercenary updates as well!

Kingdoms and Airships.

There is a new passive called Blacksmith's Furnace which requires a quest chain that starts in Hell to be completed first. The quest is called: Story of the Red Hawks.

After completing this quest line, players will get access to the new passive and chain of passives allowing them to create two new buildings and recruit one new unit type: Airships.

  • Blacksmiths Furnace will allow players to smelt iron into steel
    • This building cannot be upgraded with gold.
  • Airship Fields will allow players to recruit a new unit type: Airships.
    • This building cannot be upgraded with gold and thus requires you to smelt steel.
    • This buildings unit: Airships, cannot be recruited with gold.

Kingdoms also have a new resource: Steel.

Steel is made by smelting iron into steel and thus using it to upgrade the Airship Fields and recruit Airships.

When Attacking with airships, the attacker will attack the defenders airships before then bombarding the buildings and doing damage.

Mercenary Xp Buffs

Players can now purchase XP Buffs for their mercenary that are permanent. For example a player can purchase the highest buff at 225% XP for 1 Trillion Gold.


Players can reincarnate their character for a cost of 50,000 Copper Coins.

Reincarnation will reset your character to level 1 and take 20% of your base raw stats at the level you reincarnate at and apply them to your level 1 base stats.

This means your character will grow over time, each time you reincarnate. You can do this till all your raw base stats are 999,999.

Players will first have to complete a quest line starting in Hell to access this new feature, which is a button on your character sheet called: reincarnate.


  • Fixed issue with renaming sets. we now properly rename the correct selected set.

Version: 1.3.2, Gambling and Mercenaries, Published on: Nov 15 2022

Welcome back everyone to another release for Planes of Tlessa!

Today we have a few bug fixes and two new features to help players with Currency Farming!


The new slots feature allows players to spend 1 million gold to spin and win currencies such as Gold Dust, Shards and Copper Coins.

Players must have completed the quest: The Magic of Purgatory to get the copper coin rewards.

Any player can access this in their actions section or actions drop down section for mobile players.


Mercenaries are a set of NPC characters you can purchase on the character sheet under the new tab: Mercenaries, which is beside factions.

Players will need to complete the quest line, which starts in Labyrinth, and starts with the quest: The story of children

Players can then purchases four mercenaries:

  • Child of gold dust which increases any and all actions that give gold dust with the exception of quest rewards.
  • Child of shards which increases any and all actions that give shards with the exception of quest rewards.
  • Child of copper coins which increases any and all actions that give copper coins with the exception of quest rewards.
  • Child of gambling which is only used when you use the slots and stacks with the other children above to give even more currencies.

The only mercenary that you cannot purchase is the child of copper coins, you need to complete the quest: The Magic of Purgatory to purchase this mercenary.

Players can then level these mercenaries through Exploration. Each enemy you kill gives each mercenary you own 25XP.

All mercenaries have a max level of 100.

You can then reincarnate the mercenary to set their level back to level 1 and re-level them to increase the bonus they provide for the currency, based off their name to a max bonus of 1100%.

To get such a bonus you would have to reincarnate the mercenary 9 more times after the first reincarnation.

This means a Child of gold dust who has been reincarnated 10 times with a Child of gambling who has also been reincarnated 10 times can mean that while playing slots, if you match all three on Gold Dust, you could get 72k as opposed to the base 500 reward.

mercenaries and slots go hand in hand.

Other Fixes

  • There is now a clear button when manually fighting to clear the battle messages.
  • Quests now show that you are dead when trying to hand them in when you are infact dead.
  • Gold Mines now drop 1-25 Shards instead of 1-5
  • Currency Drop Event (Sundays 8am GMT-6) now gives 1-50 per kill.
  • Fixed issue with celestial fights and trinkets
  • Kingdoms now need you to deposit 10 million gold to get 5% moral boost and are also throttled to 25 requests per 1 minute.
    • This throttling effects all actions on the kingdom.
  • Cannot deposit into treasury when the kingdom treasury is capped.
  • Doing more then 1000 damage to kingdoms does not throw a server error.
  • Celestials now have a 10 second time out when you kill one.
  • Celestials will now move if you die when fighting one.

Version: 1.3.1, tweaks and Changes, Published on: Nov 01 2022

Hello and welcome back to Tlessa.

Today we have some minor changes, some minor tweaks.

Quest item Deletions and Renaming

Renamed: Ring Crafters Book to: Ring Crafter's Book

Deleted due to duplicates:

  • Satans Hide
  • Smithies Dying Ember
  • Smithies Hammer
  • Broken Smithies Anvil
  • Lifes Flail
  • Weapon Smiths Book
  • Weapon Smiths Master Book
  • Blacksmiths Book
  • Black Smiths Master Recipes
  • Kings Ring
  • Ring Crafters Master Book
  • Dead Kings Crown
  • Dead Fiends Hide
  • Kings Book of Hope
  • Kings Scepter
  • Mages Tome
  • Goblins Quickening Rune
  • Purgatories Lantern
  • Enchanted Candle Stick of Light
  • Purgatories Cursed Candle
  • The Wizards Enchantment

New Tops Section

Players can click to open their side bar and see a new tops section.

For now this is a glorified way of inspecting characters and seeing their gear and some basic information. Over time this will grow to show more and more statistical data about characters, who has the most what and so on.

New event: Weekly Currency Drops

  • Starts Sundays at 8am till Mondays at 8am.
  • Farm any creature, even in exploration for Gold Dust, Shards and Copper Coins at 1-25 per kill.
    • To get copper coins players must have completed the Hell quest: The Magic of Purgatory
  • Currencies are vital in a game like Tlessa, get yours on sundays!

Other Fixes

  • Players can no longer rename a set the same name as another set.
  • Help Docs have been slightly updated, no locations and special locations show a table of locations which in turn shows items that drop at said location.
  • Help docs for mythic items has been updated to reflect the new changes to where you get them.
  • Fixed market issues where sometimes the market listing would not become unlocked after editing it.
  • Fixed Market Sold For Formatting of gold.
  • Fixed issues where kingdoms that get walked loose morale.
  • Fixed Kingdom protection issues.

Version: 1.3, 1.3 - Equipment is key, Published on: Oct 29 2022

Welcome back to planes of Tlessa every one. Today we have a new release. Lets go over whats changed!

Equipment Changes

This release is to focus on the way we calculate your stats when you equip items. in 1.2 and below this process could take up to 7-14 seconds to recalculate your stats. With these changes, we should see significant improvement in time between equipping and time it takes to recalculate your stats.

There are a lot of things that go into your stats:

  • Equipment including:

    • Enchantments Attached,
    • Holy Oils Attached,
    • Items Base Stats
  • Character Boons from Alchemical items

  • Plane Reductions

  • If your character is voided or not.

As a result some of the changes this brings is:

  • Your health will now match your durability stat. If you are voided, it will match your base stat with not modifiers, including item enchantments, boons or oils applied to the item.

    • This does mean your health will fall from millions to thousands.
  • Your AC will also increase as we now properly calculate your skill bonuses that effect your AC, items base AC and all items that have affixes which also increase your AC.

    • Your AC is properly divided by the amount of armour items you have equipped (including shields).
  • Your Weapon Damage will also increase as we now properly account for affixes, stats and skills that effect the base damage.

    • If you are a caster we will not include your class skill damage modifier, this will instead be applied to your spell damage.
  • Ring Damage no longer takes into account additional enchantments or bonuses towards damage, but enchanting them can effect your spell and weapon damage/healing and other stats.

    • This does mean your ring damage may fall to their base damage.
  • Spell Damage Will increase in the following ways:

    • Casters will use 5% of their base damage stat, non casters will not.
    • Casters will apply their class specific skill for damage mod bonus to their spells, non casters will not.
    • We also apply all oils and enchantments.

With these changes the time is reduced from: 7-14 seconds to under 1 second when building the character cache.

This has also increased (time):

  • Fetching the character sheet
  • Equipping/Unequipping items/sets
  • Rebuilding the Character stat cache
  • Celestial Fights
  • PVP Fights
  • Exploration
  • Using Alchemy Items to get character boons

All of it has been increased in speed significantly.

Mythics Moved Homes

  • Dueling players use to allow a mythic to drop at a 1% chance. The problem with this is was it causes griefing to become and issue. As of now, mythics now have three places to drop from:
  • Being the winner of Monthly PVP gets you one.
  • Killing a Celestial King has a 1% + max 15% of your looting skill
  • Exploring/Manual Fighting at a new location: Purgatory Dungeons (X/Y: 176/352) in purgatory to have a 1/1000 chance to get one.

The chance to get them has also changed:

  • Purgatory dungeons is 1/1000 chance with no looting bonus
  • Celestial Kings is 1/100 with max 15% looting.

Purgatories Dungeons also give 3x the copper coin rewards.

Additional Features:

  • Time stamps now show for user messages.
    • When you chat now, you will see a time stamp display of when the message was sent.

Buy multiple items from the shop

  • You can now click Buy Multiple on the shop window.
    • This will navigate you to the multiple page where you can enter in an amount of the item you want to buy.
    • You cannot buy more then 75 of the same item, nor can you buy if you cannot afford the cost.

General Fixes:

  • Attack and Cast now properly respects when the enemy is entranced for the front end.
  • Ambush that kills players not properly makes you revive.
  • Fixed issue where submitting 0 gold to the kingdom treasury would still increase the morale.
  • You can no longer attack kingdoms that you own
  • You can no longer attack across plane.
  • You can no longer move units from a kingdom to one you do not own when using the Call Reinforcements.
  • You can no longer call reinforcements across plane.
  • Fixed an issue with the plane name for chat. Now when you refresh or relog the proper name will show for the message based on what plane it was sent from.
  • Kingdoms under protection will update the protection days left during the hourly update. This fixes the kingdom stuck under protection for 0 days issue.
  • Queen of hearts now properly takes gold dust instead of gold.
  • Fixed issue where a Faction that becomes maxed could reward you twice.
  • Players in exploration cannot be targeted by PVP.
  • Fixed issue where dropping items on the enemy kingdom would show you the defenders message about bombs being dropped on their kingdom.
  • Kingdoms under protection cannot have items dropped on them or be attacked.
  • Cannot drop items on kingdoms you own or across plane.
  • Fixes to weekly spawn events to properly cancel properly after one day.

Celestial Changes

  • Private conjurations will no longer show global messages for defeat or conjuration.
    • Instead the player who initiated the private conjuring will see the messages for Fleeing, Killing the Celestial and Conjuring in their server messages.

Global messages will only go out for public celestials now.

Alchemy Changes.

The following alchemy items have been deleted, as they are duplicates:

  • Enchanters Brew,
  • Enchantress Potion
  • Alchemists Eye
  • Alchemists Drink
  • Alchemists Dust
  • Crafters Brew
  • Crafters Insight
  • Astral Mages Ink
  • Time Mages Bomb
  • Deaths Cloud
  • Battle Mages Sand

The Following has been renamed:

  • Battlemage's Sand to Battle Mage's Sand

Costs on Alchemy items have changed for both Gold Dust and Shard cost to be better balanced.

Quest Changes

  • The Beating Heart quest item for the quest: Tears of Pain in Shadow Planes now drops from Satan's Cage instead of the Purgatories Beating Heart monster in Purgatory.

Queen of Hearts fixes

There was a cost issue with the queen of hearts, which has been fixed.

The max price of moving enchantments will be:

  • 200K GD
  • 1000 Shards

To move both enchantments off a 100 Billion Unique.

PVP duel button fixes

Fixes to the Duel Button for PVP, this use to disappear if you moved, the other players would update to show the same.

This has been fixed to properly update your base location and only update the duel button to disappear if you are on a location with no other players.

other players who are on a location with players to duel will still see the duel button.

The button will also no longer show if your level is below the required level to participate in PVP: 301

Version: 1.2.7, New Quests and Fixes, Published on: Oct 19 2022

Welcome back to Tlessa! Today we have some fixes and some new quests!

Lets go over the fixes first:

  • Fixed kingdom issues where if you take a kingdom or settle a kingdom and you have the Passives that unlock buildings leveled, those buildings should be unlocked for you.
  • Fixed issue when buying kingdom levels and units with gold, your gold left in the building or unit section updates properly
  • XP issues around quest items that give a boost to xp has been fixed and re-balanced properly.
  • Quest items when viewing them in your inventory will now show an XP bonus section.
  • Corruption in Alchemy Quest now requires the: Fanatic's Candle of Despair and the Candle of the Smith
    • If you have completed this quest those items will be removed from your inventory.
  • Bone Shatter, Blood Blisters and Magical Whips Enchantments now have damage assigned to them.
  • Fixed issues with Character Boons
  • Fixed Exploration Timing out
  • Enchantment page when logged out now works properly (viewing an enchantment).
  • Fixed spelling mistake in mass embezzlement.

New Quests:

There are two new quest chains (7 quests) for Shadow Plane:

  • One tells the story of the Child of Shade (4 quests) and gives items to help with crafting Trinkets.
  • One tells the story of the Shade Lord (3 quests) and gives the Cloak of Invisibility to hide your location in chat.

Version: 1.2.6, Quests and Shards Fixes, Published on: Oct 15 2022

Hello every one and welcome back to Tlessa.

Today we have a few more fixes:

  • There was an issue where the logic to hand out daily gold dust, was called twice. This could cause two people to win the daily gold dust lottery. This has been fixed.
  • Shards were not being handed out for celestial fights. They are now being handed out
  • The logic for determining if you can pay for a quest currency was off and has been fixed.
  • Quests were not giving currency rewards properly, this has now been fixed.
  • Purgatory Monsters have been re-balanced.

Known issues

There is an issue that is hard for me to replicate. The issue seems to happen on android:

  • If you select Map Movement from the drop down of actions and then select teleport and try and select anything inside of that modal, the issue is that the teleport modal will randomly close.
  • This issue cannot be replicated on desktop or on IOS.

Version: 1.2.5, Fixes and Changes, Published on: Oct 13 2022

Hello all and welcome back to Planes of Tlessa.

We have a few more fixes and changes today:

  • Fixed alignment of the enchanting loading bar for both Mobile and PC
  • Fixed Timers for Crafting and Enchanting when you switch tabs or refresh.
  • Fixed teleportation for planes like Hell and Purgatory. Now you can click a location and click teleport.
  • While players are in exploration that can remove items from sets, but not equip them. This allows you to upgrade your existing sets with new enchants or clean them up.
  • Gold Rush chance has been slightly increased. This is not where it was prior to 1.2 release but is slightly increased.
  • Skill Names and Crafting Skill Names have been centered in the table.
  • Slight adjustments to the comparison window.

Version: 1.2.4, Enchanting Fixes, Published on: Oct 12 2022

Hello and welcome back to Planes of Tlessa!

Today we have minor fixes:

  • When enchanting items it will now always select the first item in your inventory to use. before, when you would enchant it would select the item you enchanted. This was wrong.
  • Enchanting on mobile now has the clear links beside the drop downs.
  • Crafting costs now show properly on the items details page.
  • The Guide Quest: Quests are for the Wicked now gives the proper 25 Bonus Faction Points.
  • Added a new healing spell: Soulless Teardrop at a cost of 40,000,000 Gold.