Planes of Tlessa

Version: 1.2.1, Darkest Night Fixes, Published on: Oct 09 2022

Welcome back to Planes of Tlessa.

With the launch of 1.2 comes a few slight bug fixes.

  • Fixed issues with the admin chat, The Creator messages should come through properly formatted now.
  • Fixed issues with the close button on Safari in mobile view.
  • Fixed issues with Maintenance mode and Error pages.

Version: 1.2, A New Dawn, Published on: Oct 08 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to Planes of Tlessa!

After months and months of hard work, 1.2 is finally here. With a whole new redesign that is more mobile friendly then the previous.

We use Tailwind css, React JS, Pure JS and Plane old HTML. We also slimed down the amount of data needed to be sent from the server to the client.

We even have a dark mode you can enable for the account (which only uses your browsers local storage to store whether you are in dark mode or not.)

Lets go over the changes, new features and fixes together - There is a lot:


  • UI redesign. This should be obvious to you by now. Even just reading these release notes.

  • Players can no longer manage their kingdoms from the modal, instead they can click on the kingdom they own to see basic information and be able to teleport to that kingdom .

  • Enemy and NPC Kingdoms when clicked on give more information.

  • Players will manager their kingdoms from the new Kingdoms tab which is located at the top of the game screen.

  • Quests no longer sit beside the character count, instead you have a new tab called Quests, this will show the quests for the plane that you are on. Switching planes will update the quests.

    • Because of this Quests no longer have to be cached and as a result, they load 20 times faster.
    • When you click on a quest now to open its modal, we fetch the data for the quest as opposed to having the data already.
      • As a result this is MUCH faster than it was before.
  • Character Sheet Simplification: Character sheet has been simplified. Data can be accessed by clicking: "Additoonal Information" and "Resistances" on the stat section of the character sheet.

    • Skills are now shown in a table
    • Skills are broken into three categories: Skills (Trainable through fighting), Crafting Skills and Kingdom Passives.
  • Monsters have been rebalanced, Planes have also been rebalanced in terms of how we reduce player stats and increase enemy stats for the following planes: Shadow Plane, Hell and Purgatory.

    • Players at this time, even in top tier gear will not make it to the bottom of Hell monsters list or very far down Purgatory list, this is intentional until you access the Hell Forge and Purgatory Smith House.
    • Monster gear will scale to a level of 300 in Purgatory leaving players to craft and enchant the last 100 levels.
  • See New Mobile Experience Below, for more info on mobile maps.

  • Fighting messages are now better formatted and coloured and properly italicized.

  • When traversing characters now see a modal instead of a section. Traversing is also much faster, down from 8 seconds to 3.

  • The help docs have been completely redone to be more simple and organize content better.

  • Celestials now have a 1/100 chance to spawn when a player moves via the map actions using the new Random Number Generator discussed below.

  • Kingmanship levels are reduced from 999 to 200.

    • Kingmanship has been nerfed:
      • Unit Recruitment Time Reduction is now 76% at level 200
      • Unit Movement Time Reduction is now 46% at level 200
      • Building Update/Repair Time Reduction is now 56% at level 200
  • Special locations no longer require the player to be 10 levels or higher then the current monster max level to get specific quest items that only drop in these areas.

    • The chance is now a 1/100 with a roll that must be 95% or higher.
  • Emails have been completely redone with a new look and feel that plays nicely in most (if not all) email clients, such as: Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail and Yahoo mail - to name a few.

  • Players no longer have to be on their kingdom to manage their kingdoms

  • Players no longer have to be on the enemy kingdom to attack the kingdom (unless you are on mobile for the new View Location button)

  • Players no longer have to be on an NPC kingdom to purchase or wage war against it (unless you are on mobile for the new View Location button)

  • Purgatory Smiths Work Bench and Queen of Hearts have been moved to the Craft/Enchant drop downs only after you have completed the required quests and if you are on the appropriate plane. You do not have to message the NPC to open these or be at their location.

  • Kingdoms that have not been walked in 90 days, that is physically traveling to one, through teleporting or directional movement will be given to the NPC, they will then appear yellow on the map.

    • You must still walk the kingdoms.
    • Kingdoms that have not been walked for 30 days or more will start to loose 10% of their morale.
  • Kingdoms will give a percentage of the buildings resource based on durability. That is, for example: if the Farm would give you 300 Food At the hourly reset and has a durability less than its current max durability, we divide the current by max durability and give you 300 * that percentage.

  • Kingdom buildings will heal them selves at no cost for 5% of their health per hourly update.

    • You can still repeair the building for resources or gold.
  • Kingdoms no longer allow you to abandon more then one at a time. When you abandon one, you are timed out from settling, purchasing or abandoning another one for 15 minutes.

Characters no longer receive emails about kingdom updates, such as building upgrade, unit recruitment or rebuilding buildings for a kingdom. These settings have also been removed from the User settings page.

Account Deletion

The way we delete and cleanup accounts has changed.

  • If you do not login for 5 months, we flag you as "to be deleted" at the 5 month mark. We send you no email.
  • If you do not login for a total of 6 months, we delete your account in it's entirety. All your character information is deleted, your kingdoms are handed over to the NPC kingdom holder for others to purchase or wage war against.
  • Most importantly, we delete all user related information including email and password.

At no time will you receive an email about this. Tlessa takes your privacy and security extremely seriously and will never send you unwanted emails or sell your email to third parties. Your data and trust is important to Tlessa.

Should you want to delete your account your self, you may login in at anytime, click/tap the profile icon at the top and seledct the account deletion action. Upon deleting your account, you will recieve an email confirming this is done.


  • Artifacts and all related skills, affixes and alchemy items have been removed from the game. Artifacts were meant to be what affixes have become. Trinkets, will take their place and is a new end game gear item that are helpful for Purgatory monsters and the new optional PVP.

  • Adventures and all adventure related aspects have been removed. Adventures were buggy, broken and mess. Alas we have Exploration for all your automated battle needs. This will make room for later addition of the Item World.

  • Removed NPC Commands. Players no longer message NPC's to do specific actions like interact to hand in quests (this can be done from the new quest tab, where you click on a quest, click hand in and if you have met the requirements we will teleport and/or traverse you across planes to the NPC to hand in the quest (at no gold cost))

    • Now when a player messages the NPC, ie: /m QueenOfHearts: Hi! the npc, based on it's type, will spit out a predefined message to the chat in a light sky blue message telling you a bit about what they do and who they are.
    • Players no longer message for:
      • Conjure (there's a map action for this)
      • Taking a kingdom from The Old Man. Just click the yellow kingdom and click purchase
      • Queen of Hearts: Her crafting action becomes available in Hell after you completed the relevant quests.
      • Purgatory Smith Bench: His crafting action becomes available after completing the required quests and being in Purgatory.

Players can still see a lit of NPC's under the help section should they wish to message them. Commands are still the same: /m TheNPCName: message where the message can be anything.

New Mobile Experience

When a player on anything smaller than 1600px (width), ie: 1366x768, will now see a new mobile section. This section is designed to be cleaner and show less data.

The actions section is now a drop down, you can select a type of action to do and from there, select additional options or complete the action. Each section, crafting, enchanting, alchemy, trinketry, fighting and so on have a new little red minus in the top left of the panel.

Clicking this red minus resets your selection choice for the action.

Players will find there is still a map, how ever they cannot tap (mobile) but can click (PC) on locations or kingdoms to view data, instead they can use the View Location button to get the same information, but only when on the location. As a result players who open teleport will see that they can choose locations, kingdoms, npc kingdoms and even enemy kingdoms to teleport to instantly as well as coordinates.

The Telport modal will show you where you currently are and you can select other places to go.

Minimize Character Top Bar Section

Players can now minimize the top section, which contains your race, class, stats and other info. This can only be done on smaller screen sizes and shows only your level and XP bar when minimized.

This section will be auto minimized for you when playing on mobile.

View Location Details Button and Attack Kingdom Button

When it comes to viewing a locations details there are two ways to do this, one is to click the location on the map (for PC players only), or if you are at the location already, click View Location under the map (for both PC and mobile).

When viewing a location, if it is an enemy kingdom or NPC kingdom, you will have the chance to attack, which will open a secondary modal to allow you select units or units AND items. (For mobile players you will need to be at the location, and then click View Location Details)

Character Sheet Changes for Mobile

Characters will see their top character details closed by default on their character sheet and will have a select option to either show the inventory or skill management section.

Characters can dismiss these by clicking the red minus at the top right corner.

Server Side Fights are much faster

Engaging with Celestials and Doing Exploration is much faster than before. Exploration has been simplified for ease of use.

Celestials can and will move if you fail to kill it in one hit.

Skill XP is less grindy.

Characters will now recieve no bonuses towards Skill XP aside from gear or quest items. Previously players would recieve bonus XP at specific intervals of the skill level.

As a result, the skill XP needed per level up is now level * 10. Ie A level 2 skill needs 20 XP. A level 500 Skill needs 5000 and a level 998 skills needs 9,980 XP to get to level 999.

This should make it easier for players in the early stages to level skills while still being a bit "grindy" in later levels.

As a result, training skills only get 5XP + relevant skill bonuses on top of the amount of XP you sacraficed.

Crafting skills still get 25XP and are random XP per level between 100 and 350

XP gets insane!

Once you reach level 1000, your XP per level will change.

Characters from level 1-1000 will need only 100 XP to gain a level. We now carry over additional XP and this can result in multiple level ups for those uder level 1000.

Starting at level 1000, your XP needed per level will change to a new formula:

((Future Level - 1000) * 10) + 100 = new XP required.

Let's look at an example:

If you are level 1000 and want to go to level 1001, you will need:

((1001 - 1000) * 10) + 100 = 110 XP to get the next level.

That sounds fair. But what if you are level 1999 and want to go to level 2000?

((2000 - 1000) * 10) + 100 = 10,100;

As you can see the further up you go the higher the XP you need.

As a result monsters XP have increased up to a maximum of 1000XP per kill in Purgatory. Each planes monster has their XP scaled up until you hit Purgatory where the maximum you can recieve is 1000.

Celestials have also been scaled appropriatly to match that of monsters, the further down you go, the more XP a celestial rewards.

Your quest items and plane bonuses will still apply. What else still applies is the Soft, Medium and Hard Cap:

  • At the half way mark to weither level 1000 or the current max level you will get 75% of the XP from a kill + quest item bonuses and plane bonuses.
  • At the 3/4's way to level 1000 or current max level you get 50% of the XP from a kill + quest items and plane bonuses
  • At the last leg (last 100 levels) to level 1000 or current max level you get 25% of the XP from a single kill + quest items and relevant quest items.

An example of how grindy this becomes is:

Assume max level is 5000 and you are level 4999.

Using the above formula your XP required to reach the max level is: 40,100 XP.

This means you would have to kill the top mob in Purgatory 40+ times to gain a level. Remember, you are in Purgatory, you are in the last leg, so with no bonuses and killing the mob that gives 1000XP per kill thats:

40,100 / 250XP per kill = 160.4 Kills.

Again this does not take into account Plane bonuses and XP Bonuses from quest items.

For context thats 21.33~ Hours of explorations or 3 Eight hour sessions.

The Max Level of Planes of Tlessa will cap out at 9,999. Levels will still increase 100 per month.

Crafting Levels are rebalanced.

Players will find crafting weapons, armour, trinkets, rings and spells a bit more grindy, but doable with no gaps in between level required and when the item becomes too trivial.

Players will also find Enchanting unlocks more enchants much faster, basically almost every level you should get new enchants.

All skill level required and skill level trivial on all items and enchantments has been redone.

As a result you may find the list of items or enchantments/craftable items shrinks for you or grows depending on where you are in your crafting/enchanting journey.

New Features

Players can sell and list items from their inventory

You can now sell and list and item, including sell all items from your inventory. When you click an item name in your inventory it will open a modal to let you:

  • Equip
  • Move
  • Sell (to the shop)
  • List (to the market)
  • Destroy
  • Disenchant

Selling will sell the item for the base cost of the item + affixes attached at 5%, with some exceptions:

  • Holy items, even with affixes, will only sell to the shop for their items base price.
  • Uniques are the same as holy items.
  • Affixes that go above a valuation of 2 billion will only give you 2 billion, that is a 10 gold item with two 12 billion gold enchants will only give you 4,000,000,010 gold back before taxes.

When players go to list the item, they will see a graph (not real time) that will show the listed for prices over the last 30 days. This gives players an idea of how much an item is going for on the market.

When items drop from monsters and are shown in chat, or are crafted, enchanted or purchased from the Queen of Hearts - the item in chat will be a link allowing you to click the item and get the same comparison details and options from above in a modal. No more secondary tabs.

Teleport to locations and kingdoms

  • You can now teleport to locations by clicking on them and clicking teleport. If you do not have the gold, you cannot teleport.

    • Players cannot teleport to a location that very close to them. The teleport modal will update to indicate this based on distance.
    • All locations, be it kingdom, npc kingdom, enemy kingdom, port or location can be teleported too.
    • If you are too close to another location you cannot teleport.
    • For mobile/pc players the telport modal will allow them to choose destinations and coordinates, as previously stated.
  • Distance is shown in miles.


  • Trinkets can be crafted anytime, how ever you will need Access to purgatory to get the required currency: Copper Coins which drop off enemies in Purgatory and only Purgatory.

    • Trinkets also require Gold Dust (you can get this from disenchanting).
    • There is a long quest line that starts on Surface that will eventually get you access to Purgatory.
  • Trinkets will increase:

    • Ambush Chance, Ambush Resistance, Counter Chance and Counter resistance %
    • Players can have two trinkets equipped for a total of 95% for each of the above.
    • Trinkets cannot be bought from the shop and can be sold on the market board for 100X their gold dust cost.
      • Trinkets cannot be sold to the shop.
    • Trinkets cannot have Holy applied to them via Alchemy.
    • Trinkets cannot have enchantments applied to them.
    • Trinkets cannot have holy oil or affixes applied or moved to them.
    • Trinkets cannot have uniques or mythics moved to them

Players can see their ambush and counter info by going to the Character Sheet tab and clicking Additional Info.

New Crafting Skill: Trinketry

This can be leveled as you craft trinkets, there are enough trinkets going to level 400.

Equipment Rules

  • Players may have two trinkets equipped
  • Players may only have two trinkets in a given set if they wish to equip that set.

Hell Forged gear

Players can buy a new gear type which comes after crafting has reached level 400. This gear can be accessed via entering into Hell and you will see in the actions section a new Hell Forged Button, or if you are on mobile, you will have a new Hell Forged option in the action drop down section.

Hell forged gear requires:

  • 1 level 400 Crafted Item of the same type you want to buy (weapon, armour, ring or spell - damage or healing)
  • 150 Billion Gold
  • 1000 Shards
  • 10,000 Gold Dust
  • Be in Hell to access the shop.

All gear pieces that you can buy are all the same price. Their base stats are higher then level 400 crafted gear. However, their stats may not be better then your Holy infused, Unique or mythic enchantment, but the idea is you upgrade your max level crafted gear to this new gear type.

All enchantments, holy oils, uniques or mythic enchantments will be moved over for you free of charge.

Purgatory Chains

Purgatory chains are the same as Hell Forged with the exception of the price and what you need to trade in.

Purgatory gear is better then Hell Forged at a base level of stats.

To get purgatory Chain gear you need:

  • To be in purgatory to access the shop, which is accessed the same way you would Hell Forged.
  • 250 Billion Gold
  • 2500 Shards
  • 1000 Copper Coins
  • 1 Hell Forged piece of gear of the same type you want to buy.

Gold Mines - Shadow Planes

The Gold mines location in shadow planes is now a special location that:

  • Allows you to explore in
  • Drops no quest items
  • Can drop 1-5 shards per kill

Players have been asking for an easier way to get shards, other then conjuring Celestials. While Celestials will always drop the most shards, this gives players a special location to gather the shards from.

Combat Docs have been updated

Check out the combat docs to understand how Ambush and Counter work.

  • Ambush Chance and Resistance are only useful if you are farming in purgatory and farming further down the list after you get your Unique, Holy Items and Trinkets.(where they give the most gold and XP)
  • Ambush and Counter are vital for the new optional PVP.

Server Message items

When items drop, are crafted or enchanted - in the server section - the message containing the item name will be a link that when clicked on will open up a modal exactly like the item comparison from the character inventory section.

This allows characters to see if what they crafted, enchanted or what has dropped is better then what they have on, you can equip it, sell it, disenchant it (if its enchanted), move it to a set and list it (if it is an enchanted item).

If the item is a quest item, the item comparison section will reflect the quest item details.

Quest hand In

Players no longer have to be at a NPC's location and message them a command they have to look up to complete a quest. Players can now be any where, on any plane.

Players can click Hand in, if they have the requirements met they will be moved to that NPC automatically, even across planes - all for free.

If you do not have the items, you will be told to check the requirements tab.

Quest processing is much faster and the amount of info spit out to the chat section is reduced.

Players, when viewing a quest, can also see "before completion text" and (after its completed if you click on the quest again) "after completion text". This is essentially a little story behind the quest and lore for the world.

  • Each quest will have a before and after text section.
  • Each quest chain going down will have a story that continues from the parent quest.
  • Quests load 10x faster and process 20x faster.

Reset your character

Players can now head to settings and choose to reset their character instead of deleting it. You can choose a new race and class and even enable The Guide for help.

Players who reset their character will lose all progress, all items, kingdoms, everything. You are set back to level one and re-rolled.

The Guide (Quests)

Upon registration or for characters under level 10, or even those who reset their character, The Guide can be enabled.

The Guide, for those who register will popup when in game, but only once on your initial login. The Guide will not popup for those who reset their account. But you will see the Guide Quest Button at the top of the screen.

The Guide is comprised of three parts: Requirements, Story and explicit Instructions. on how to complete.

The Guide is intended to help new players understand the basics of the game. We do fighting, skill leveling, crafting, enchanting, kingdoms (3 quests) and other quests that link all these features together. We start you out slow and work our way up.

Previously completed Guide quests can be seen in the side bar for reference.

The Story gives some lore and does not have to followed if you not into that, but does drop some hints.

Guide quests reqard you with:

  • Gold
  • An item with two enchants, this is random but the enchant and item are to your level to. a max of level 100.

PVP (Optional)

PVP is in place and works similar to Celestial Battles.

  • Characters at the same location as each-other will see Duel button (or option in the drop down selection for Mobile Players) if:
    • They are Level 301 and Higher
  • Players can engage in PVP if:
    • They are not dead, exploring or were recently killed in pvp.
  • Any player meeting these requirements can be targeted.
  • Dying in PVP results in you being moved away from the enemy, you have a flag on you for 2 minutes and cannot be targeted.
    • If a player who died in PVP chats, they will not see their location, bust instead a skull icon. Other players will see this as well. This will indicate you were killed in PVP.

There is no looting in PVP, you do not lose anything for dying.

The winner gets to roll between 1-100 and needs to roll higher than: 99 to get a new top tier Mythic Unique. These will show up orange and the Queen of Hearts can re-roll these and can move the enchantments to other gear, but you cannot buy these from her.

Monthly PVP and Celestial Kings

Every month on the last day of the month, starting at 8am GMT-6 till 6:30pm GMT-6 players level 301 or higher have the option to join monthly PVP.

PC players will see this a sky blu button on their actions, mobile players will have this in their base actions drop down section.

Players will select their attack and from their enter them selves in to PVP. Players can change their attack type all the way up 6:30pm GTM-6

Players who chose to participate do not have to be logged in, how ever because the Celestial Kings spawn afterwords it might be benificial as this is another way to get Mythic Uniques.

We gather the players at 6:30, send them to a new special location on Surface which players cannot regularly enter. From here you are:

  • Disabled from moving or attacking.
  • We Group you by lowest to highest level
  • Grab the first two players from the list, they duke it out. Again all automated.
  • The loser is teleported away with a PVP flag so they cannot be targeted for 2 minutes and they get 2 billion gold.
  • The winner moves on to the next player.
  • The last one standing gets a Mythic Unique (given to you regardless if your inventory is full) and 50 Billion Gold.
  • If you win a PVP fight you have a chance to get a mythic unique each time you kill a player.

After the event is over, the Celestial Kings, which are the hardest for their planes, will be released. There is one for each plane minus Purgatory. The player who kills it, gets the same roll as above for regular PVP to get a mythic, but now they apply a max of 15%, of their looting skill bonus towards the roll.

Mythic Uniques

Mythic Uniques can be obtained by two ways: Kill a Celestial King, spawns once a month (after monthly pvp) on Surface for the same chance as PVP but you get to apply a max of 15% of your looting to the chance. Or kill a player for a 1% chance of one to drop.

These are stronger than 100 Billion Gold Uniques that you buy from the queen. You cannot buy these from her, but can re-roll and move their attached affixes. They have the same rules as Uniques as they are considered a unique, they are just mythic. They will show up as orange and can have holy items applied to them.

Players will need some kind of counter resistance and ambush resistance to take on the king. See Trinkets above.

Kingdoms UI Change

Players will now find that they have a kingdoms tab. From here they can manage their kingdoms, by clicking on names in the table.

This will show a kingdom over view, including buildings, units and details.

You can manage all aspects including mass embezzling from the manage treasury option.

You can drill further into buildings and units, again clicking the name in the table.

This then lets you see upgrade and recruitment costs and options as well as repair/rebuild options for buildings.

When kingdoms update at the hourly update - as long as the building is not in queue, it will heal for its current durability + 5%. This means players can still loose morale if the current durability is below the max and the building indicates it reduces morale. Keeps, Farms, Walls are some buildings that reduce morale per hour if their durability is 0.

New Random Number Generator

There is a new random generator that is favourable to players under level 10 to give them items to get them going when fighting monsters, how ever over level 10, you will need to depend on your Looting skill more and more to get items.

Remember, monsters drop gear associated with your level up to a max Crafting level of 300 (only attainable in Purgatory). For a new player under level 10 they can get up to level 10 (Crafting skill level required) gear.

This random generator does make the game a bit more grindy (for those with little to no Looting skill bonus), but with my tests, it seems you will get items every so often, this also makes Special locations, where specific quest items drop - more grindy but not overly so.

Fixes (and other tidbits)

  • Movement, Teleport, SetSail and Loading of the map are 25x faster then in

  • Armour class (AC) has been changed to now include 2% of your modded str or raw str if voided. Players should see a dramatic increase in Armour class, how ever your attack will far out weigh your armour class.

    • AC now acts as a damage reduction to the enemies physical attack, but not spells or affixes.
  • All armour now gives bonus to Base AC Mod. Body will always give the most.

  • Fighters and Blacksmiths will always have the most AC.

  • Enemies (specifically Purgatory Critters) Have Ambush Chance, resistance and Counter Chance, resistance.

    • Purgatory monsters and Special Location monssters also have Devouring Light and Darkness chances, no other monster unless it is a Celestial or Celestial King does.
  • When players clicks attack on a monster, or click attack after killing a monster they will see the "before the battle" messages, this includes voidance, ambushes and other actions that fire before you hit one of the attack buttons.

  • Players no longer need to be at the same location as NPC's to conjure Celestials. Instead you have a new Conjure button under the map actions.

  • Fixes to Automation to make spells do proper damage when on planes like Shadow, Hell or Purgatory.

    • This includes using the proper damage reduction for server side attacks.
  • Players may now collect up to 1 million copper coins as opposed to before this was 100k. This has been increased for trinket crafting as well as future crafting of new weapons/armour/spells/rings/artifacts and so on.

  • Skills no longer switch on you when you are exploring and have selected a skill to train. Currently in 1.1 they do switch, but this bug has since been fixed.

Known Issues

1.3 will fix the following issues:

  • Equipping sets or using multiple alchemical items on your self can take a while. For example:
    • Sets can take 3-8 Seconds to equip.
    • Alchemical items (up to 10 at a time) can take a couple minutes to apply.

The planned fix for 1.3 is to redo the way your stats are calculated such that these issues are not present. The way you equip items or use items will not change, but the the back end logic for recalculating your stats will.

Version:, Bug fixes all around, Published on: Aug 03 2022

Welcome back to Planes of Tlessa. Today I have some exciting bug fixes in this release.


Adventures are a problematic aspect of this game, thankfully they are going in away with the planned 1.2 release. But for now I have sort of fixed them, I believe these fixes should fix issues around items. Alas it might not.

So I have put a notice when you open adventures and in the help docs that players should use Exploration over Adventures.

You will still get the same types of items, quest items, gold, XP and Skill XP. If you are at a special location and use Exploration, specific quest related items that only drop from these areas will not drop. Remember, Special locations are manual fighting only.

Help Docs Fixes

  • Currencies docs have been updated to better explain Gold Dust.
  • Adventures have been updated with the above message.
  • Quests have been updated to remove the table, instead players should open the Plane Quests under the map to see a list of available quests. Don't worry the docs still explain how the quest system works.

Other Fixes

  • The Admin Chat (what the Creator Sees and uses to chat) will not break when a player in game types a message. This was annoying to me, as The Creator.
  • Your user data is no longer leaked to the browser fixing a security issue with Chat.
  • The Quest Blesed Hope has now been renamed to Blessed Hope.
  • Gold Dust Lotto has been fixed to properly select one random player for the (nerfed from 1 Million) 10,000 Gold Dust. This also spits out a Global message letting other know who won that days lotto.
    • Players who do not win, still get between 1 and 100 gold dust.
    • Daily Lottery runs at 12 PM GMT-6 every day.
  • Artifact Gap in Skill Level Required and Skill Trivial for crafting has been fixed.
  • Queen of Hearts, Moving Prefix, Suffix or Both has been fixed.

Possible Bug that cannot be replicated

A user has mentioned that their artifacts disappear when they enter Exploration or unequip them. After testing in development I am unable to replicate this issue.

Please note that when you remove items from a set or unequip items not in a set, the item or items will appear at the bottom of your inventory (last page)

Known Bugs

  • Equipping an item, saving it to a set and then unequipping does not unequip the set. You have to click the button again to unequip the set or refresh and click unequip.

Version:, Bug Fixes, Published on: Jul 28 2022

Welcome Back to planes of Tlessa!

In todays short release we are fixing the following issues:

  • Chat will now load properly upon refresh and when loading the game via login or registering. This issue was caused by what I call dangling users, that is a user who decided to delete their account but the deletion failed so the user is still around in the database and thus messages break. I have created a command I can run to remove these users.
  • When an exploration finishes, the message you see after words has been fixed fro Your to You.
  • Release section now shows the published date so you know when the game was last updated.

Version:, Arcane Archers come to play, Published on: Mar 04 2022

Welcome one and all back for another update! We have a new class, and usual more fixes!

Arcane Alchemist (new class)

As the heros of Tlessa unlocked the doors to the Blacksmiths, a mysterious force was watching from the shadows of the abyss. The eyes glowed red as the energy around them crackled in anticipation.

The old feathered worn man leaned heavily on his wooden oak staff as he walked through the shadows back to Xanjial. Here he told of stories of heros and battles between good and evil. Stories of how The Creator had-grown soft and how they, the Alchemists of old could make their return.

From the shadows of spying, comes from the Arcane Alchemist, a terrifying class of extreme power to make even the most fearsome Heretic seem weak and pathetic!

  • Weapon of choice: Stave

    • Gives increase the int, but not chr.
    • Arcane Alchemists have Affixes that effect their class skill, but not artifacts.
      • Affixes will give bonuses to CHR.
  • Damage Stat: Int

  • To Hit: Chr

  • +5 int

  • +3 chr

With a stave equipped they Will use 15% of their modded chr to do weapon damage

With a damage spell they will use 30% of their modded int to do spell damage.

With a healing spell equipped they will use 10% of their modded chr for damage and 10% (which stacks with the stave damage bonus) for healing.

There special crafting is +15% bonus and training in Alchemy and Spell Crafting

New Races:

  • Drow
  • Genie
  • Gibberling
  • Gityanki

This brings our total races to 10. There are various bonuses for each race. These ones also focus on skill modifiers such as accuracy, dodge and looting.

Black Smith Changes

  • Hells Anvil Class Based Enchants have been rebalanced to be in line with other class skills in XP and Damage modifiers.

Training Skill Changes

All training skills have been updated to no longer use a random number as the XP. We now scale. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO SKILLS WHICH YOU SACRIFICE SOME OF YOUR XP TO LEVEL WHILE FIGHTING (sorry for the caps, wanted to make that clear)

This means that to get a skill to level 1 you need 100 XP, to go to level 2, you need 200 (skill level * 100) and so on till you are close to 100K to cap the skill. As a result the base XP for these skills has been increased from base 10 to base 25.

There are new quest items that drop off enemies to gives bonuses to the Skill XP and bonus for some items.

New players just have to kill: Sewer rat and a Goblin for a 100% chance of an Accuracy and Dodge quest item that they can later upgrade - to drop.

These two items, along with a few others you can get, can be upgraded by doing some quests.

New Quests

  • The Helpless Goblin and The Witch have a few quests for you, especially as a new player, to do. These will upgrade existing quest items that you can find off monsters - specifically sewer rat and goblin - which give bonuses to accuracy and dodge when starting out.

Voidance Balancing Change:

This has been fixed to allow the player to void or devoid the enemy first on Surface, Labyrinth, Dungeons and Shadow Plane. How ever on Hell and Purgatory, enemies have the upper hand for voidance and devoidance. Players will need to do a quest line to get into Purgatory and Purgatories Smith House to use the work bench to apply alchemical items to their items to increase their Devouring Light and Darkness resistance to resist the enemies attempts to void and devoid you.

This will hold true for explorations and adventuring.


  • Purgatory Smiths Work Bench
    • No longer uses searchable select boxes so we can properly clear them when you apply holy oils to your first item.
      • Remember we duplicate the item, so you will have to re-select it.
    • Now the items in the list that you can select to apply holy oils to, will show how many stacks are currently applied. This helps with characters who have two of the same item with two of the same enchantments.
    • If the cost validation fails, the user is publicly shamed! this can only happen with third party tools. We already did the cost validation, but now we publicly shame.
  • Additional quest item has been aded for alchemy that can upgrade your XP bonus and Skill Bonus.
  • Additional quest items for Quick Feet and Kingmanship which you can get from the Goblin.
  • Separated Hammers, Bows, Staves and Weapons into their own drop downs when you go to select a type to craft. Crafting any of these three will give XP towards Weapon Crafting.
  • Removed the attack tool tips and popovers and settings from players accounts. Now players can go to the new Help tab when they login and see whats the action section is all about.
  • Fixed issue with faction maxing out showing the max out message twice.
  • We now show a global message when items are dropped on kingdoms.
  • Inventory now refreshes faster as we only fetch what we need for the tabs that are changing instead of all the tabs at once.
    • Loading the inventory the first time or after a refresh can still be a bit slow. How ever disenchanting 75 items is a lot faster.
  • Battle message numbers are properly formatted now.
  • Fixed and issue where players could go above the max level.
    • This also requires that players be de-leveled, those who are over the limit will be lowered back to the limit. Your characters have been adjusted for you.
  • When the enemy fails to devoid you there is a message, same for when they fail to void you.
  • Now we check if you can have the quest item from the special location, if not we keep looking for a quest item you can have and doing the roll to see if you can have that item. This makes farming special locations easier when they have a lot of quest items.
  • Fixed Monster tabs for information section.
    • You can now search, see the celestials and so on.
  • Fixed issues with being able to equip Hammers and other items in both hands, when that is not allowed
    • Updated the Move Set and Set Warning message to include Hammers and Staves
  • Registration fixes, we now remember selected race and class when there is an error.
  • Copper Coins Now Properly shows on inventory section.
  • Fixed Attack Break down data - these numbers were off for non voided attacks.
    • This can mean a slight reduction in damage or a slight increase.
  • Fixed Quest items so they can no longer be destroyed or disenchanted from chat.
  • Fixed issues with enchanting when you do not have the gold.
    • This applies to all crafting/enchanting/blacksmith and queen of hearts.
  • Fixes to equipment comparison for staves, bows, hammers and other items.

Version:, Blacksmiths rise from Purgatory, Published on: Feb 26 2022

Calling one, calling all - The Blacksmith rises.

From the depths of Purgatory rise a new hero. One to challenge the power of The Creator, who - upon escaping purgatory - locked them all with in the realm of tormenting shadows and pain. For the Purgatory Smith helped The Creator escape his confines after the "God" of Tlessa had abandoned her to her fate.

As the heroes of Tlessa, the children of the star, began to awaken and explore, they opened the gates to Purgatory and let loose the wrath of The Creator. Soon, these eager adventures, found a way to unlock the sealed Purgatories Smith House. Pouring over the journals and texts of the mysterious smith, the Adventurers were able to conjure a portal to the Prison of Purgatory. Here they released the trapped smiths who vowed to fight along side them as they hunt for clues about why and who locked The Creator in Purgatory.

New Class: Blacksmith

  • New Weapon Type: Hammers

    • Can be crafted with Weapon Crafting
    • Two handed, like bows.
    • Primary weapon and required for Hammer Smash to activate.
  • Strength is used to do damage

  • Dexterity is used to hit.

There are no Dexterity enchantments specific to the Blacksmith, but there are enchantments that raise the damage, the defence, the class bonus and the skill: Hells Anvil

  • New Special: Hammer Smash
    • Does 30% of Modded or Raw Strength.
    • Requires Hammer to activate
    • Depends on Class Skill Bonus
    • Has a 1/100 chance (with a 60% bonus) to do Three After Shocks at 15% of the 30% modded or raw strength.

Lets talk about After Shocks:

  • First we take 30% of your modded Strength as damage to the enemy
  • Next you have a 60% on a 1/100 chance to do what's called After Shocks (you will do 3 if your roll is higher than 99).
  • Each After Shock takes the 30% of modded Strength and reduces the damage by 15% for each After Shock.

In the above list, lets' give an example of an aftershock: Lets' assume you're 30% of STR was 1,000,000. Your first aftershock would be 15% of 1,000,000,000 = 850000, your second is 850000 - 15% = 722500, your final would be: 722500 - 15% = 614125.

Crafting Bonus: 15% XP andSkill Bonus for Weapon, Armour and Ring Crafting - Automatically applied.

Additional Bonuses are applied to damage: Your class skills damage bonuses and your class bonus are also applied to your attack, only while holding a hammer (see below about crafting list updates).

Other Fixes

  • Fixes have been applied to:

    • Crafting, Enchanting, Queen of Hearts Uniques (Re-rolling and Moving)
      • Should a character use third party tools to get around the client side cost calculations, The game will catch this and alert the chat that so and so has been caught cheating. This is a public shaming.
  • Fixes to automation

    • Players cannot start another automation while one is running. The loading indicator now stays till we have the automation status.
  • Fixes to equipping multiple uniques

    • A fix has been implemented that should prevent players from equipping multiple uniques.
  • Fixes to quests

    • Because of how Voidance and Devoidance works now since, players might find it difficult to find specific quest items from some special locations and the enemies are too difficult. As a result, some quests have been moved around and items switched to other locations. This was done to help players be able to get to Purgatory and unlock the smiths house to get Holy items, to continue their questing.
  • Crafting list for weapons has been changed to show: Weapon Name, Type: weapon/bow/hammer, Cost to craft: xxx Gold

    • This makes it easy for Blacksmiths to know their weapon type, as weapons have all kinds of weapons, hammers includes, but they are not recognized as hammers when you equip them, only hammer items will count towards Blacksmiths bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a single equipped set piece, which is suppose to remove the whole set, would not properly update your stats.

  • Fixed Inventory Usable Item Section

    • If you have usable items but none can be used on you, ie: Holy Oils for Items and Kingdom Destruction Items - then the use many is now properly disabled.
    • If you have some usable items, then the list of items you can apply to your self when clicking use many, will properly show the list of items you can use on your self and not include holy oils.
  • Fixed Transmute for Alchemy Crafting

    • Now when you click transmute, we properly disable the button to prevent you from accidentally triggering the timeout.
  • Save equipped as set now properly shows the custom name or the original name of the set properly.

  • Mass disenchanting is a tad faster, how ever the slow pain point is how we update the entire inventory when ever anything changes.

    • This will be changed in to better fetch inventory based only on the inventory tab that is changing. For example, most of the time we don't need to refetch all your inventory, just specific aspects such as the equipped or the sets, or the set it's self or even just the fact that you crafted an alchemy items.
    • This should help with disenchanting timing out and people having to restart it.

Version:, Optimization Phase 4 - Removal of Auto Battle, Published on: Feb 19 2022

The choice has been made ladies and gents. I have removed Auto Battle. Sort of.

We have a new feature called Exploration. Which comes with it's own log tab.

We also have a new System called Holy items which can only be crafted after you do a new quest line to unlock the Purgatory Smiths House through a quest chain that starts in Dungeons.

We also have a change to how Voidance and Devoidance works.

Not a lot of new changes, but lets go over these real quick:


Just like auto battle, you will:

  • Select the creature
  • Select the length, skill to train and if we should move down the list.

What is different is how the reward structure works and how Exploration processes. There are three phases to an "encounter" and there are 6 encounters in a one hour time frame that run every 10 minutes.

  • Phase one of the encounter is called: Explore. Here you will explore and then fight an encounter. The creature you selected.
  • Phase two of the encounter is called: Fight. You will fight the creature again.
  • Phase three of the encounter is called Plunder: You will fight between 1-6 of the enemy.

Then we wait another 10 minutes and repeat. You get all the rewards right away and can logout.

If you die, the exploration ends, if you are logged out - you won't know why you died. We do not keep a log of the exploration aside from whats in the Exploration tab, which is not saved.

If you are logged in and die we show you the last battle message to show you why.

This is a combination of adventure and auto attack, so all the same actions you could do before, when doing auto battle, you can do now. The same rules apply for the 8 hour mark, which is if you do a solid 8 hours with out dying we lock you out for the rest of the day when the 8 hour mark is reached.

This is then unlocked every day at 12pm GMT -7.

The rewards for a single encounter, aside from the actual fights are:

  • +200 XP (2 levels)
  • +5 Faction Points (if you have a quest item you will get 50 if you are above level 0. Else you will get 5)
  • +10,000 Gold

The rewards for a completed adventure, regardless of length is:

  • +1000 XP (10 levels)
  • +100 FactionPoints (if you have a quest item you will get 1000 if you are above level 0. Else you will get 100)
  • +100,000 Gold

Again, everything is given to you automatically, we respect all disenchanting settings.

Holy Items

Holy items are the next step in gear progression (Mid to end game) and should be pared with uniques (100 billion valuation). These items will show up, unless they are unique, as sky blue items. Even if they have enchantments, unless those are unique enchantments. Uniques, even if holy, always show up as a green.

Items now have, assuming they have holy stacks, a holy information section. Character sheet also has this beside the Devouring Darkness/Light tab.

The important thing to focus on is the Holy Bonus%. Every class but rangers have about 240 Holy Stacks for top end gear. Rangers have 220 because their primary weapon is a bow.

The general break down of this is that you will do a quest line to get to the smiths house in purgatory. You cannot enter without the key.

Once inside, the crafting drop down section will have a new entry: Smithies Work Bench

This will open a crafting area that takes:

  • A item with 1 or more free stacks
  • Alchemy items (only those that can be used on other items will show up here)
  • Gold Dust

This area will also show you how many stacks, the range of % for stats and devouring darkness that can be applied.

All items have stacks based on their (max crafting level / 10) / 2. The cost is then multiplied by 10,000, which is then again multiplied by the holy level of the alchemy item.

For example an Item with 20 stacks that you want to make holy by using a level 5 (highest level) Holy Alchemy item will cost:

20 * 10,000 * 5 = 100,000 Gold dust to apply per stack.

to apply this 20 times, that 2 Million Gold Dust Per Maxed out Crafting item. (Thats 28 Million for 14 items, 26 Million for 12 (Rangers use bows))

Please note: These values are calculated BEFORE plane reductions take place.

these items can be sold on the market for a minimum price of 10 Billion per holy stack. Uniques will take stacks into account for item valuation. However, a regular double enchanted item with 20 stacks can be sold for at minimum 200 Billion.

For uniques, ass the 10 Billion * stacks to their total valuation. (400 Billion for 2 100 Billion Uniques and 2 stacks of Holy)

Holy will increase your attack, ac and base healing % as well as devouring darkness/light resistance. This can also increase your devouring darkness %.

Voidance and Devoidance Changes

Voidance and Devoidance have been broken for a long time. This has been fixed and players may notice that planes like Hell will get harder while Purgatory will get IMPOSSIBLE. Thats because enemies here have 500+% Voidance which mean you will always be voided.

This is where Holy items come in handy, the more stacks, the more bonus to devouring darkness and to the resistances you get. This helps you fend off those pesky voidance attacks and kill the enemy.

Voidance now works a little differently, when you start the battle we do:

  • Can monster devoid you? (your voidance/devoidance will not fire)

  • can you devoid monster? (as long as you are no devoided)

  • If you or the monster are not devioded we repeat these steps for voidance calaculations.

Battle Fixes

  • When you die to a celestial, we now properly track their health. This stops celestials from magically healing when you revive.
  • Thieves Shadow Dance should now always fire if you have 100+% in the class bonus.

Version:, Optimization Phase 3 - Copper Coins, Published on: Feb 11 2022

Welcome back ladies and gents!

Today we have a new optimization update. As some might have seen from the discord announcements section, we are getting close to a final call on what happens with Auto Battle which we have all seen to be a nightmare. It's up, it's down, it's causing CPU issues, so on and so forth.

It is beginning to cause me more head ache than if I removed it. Alas it does help me, thus far, in gauging my progress with these optimization updates. Some of you might have noticed, aside from all the bugs and issues, that the site loads a little quicker, responds a little faster.

Auto battle has been suggested to be gated or to be a lottery of some kind, and the core issue with this is that even just a few people cause a 150% CPU spike, which means theres something really off. I had 8 people running it the last update and that caused the CPU to sit at 200% (~197-199.02%) which then causes reward jobs to back up. I got rewards two days latter when I logged in!

Auto battle was also introduced to correlate with Factions, Quests, Make Grinding Easier and more fun. But it has proven so far to be just a horrible nightmare. Thats where this update comes in:

Character and Skill Tweaks

None of the formulas have changed, but the way we fetch the data has changed to be more streamlined

This means that the core job responsible for handeling your rewards now takes less time to give them to you.

For example, it takes less than a second to process and up to two seconds to level you up and process that data. Where as before it could take 4 seconds to process the reward (item included) and 6-9 seconds to process the character level up. Again these numbers are from development.

New Quests

  • There is a quest chain that starts in labyrinth to give players a new type of special quest item I will not spoil here. There are two branches to this, one that does not require copper coins and one that does.
  • There is a new quest from the Helpless Goblin which allows you to get 10 Faction points per kill not 2, but it only takes effect at level 1 of the faction.
  • There is a new Quest line in Hell that gives you an item that allows monsters in purgatory to start dropping between 5-20 copper coins with a hard cap on 100,000 - no there is no way to increase the amount given
    • Right now the currency is used for the second half the first new quest, which I still won't spoil.

New Celestial

There is a new Celestial in Shadow Planes for one of the new quests!

New Currency

Copper coins are a new currency that requires you to speak to Hells Accountant (new NPC) in hell.

These coins then will start dropping from Purgatory monsters with or without Auto Battle. Some quests will require these coins.

The Cap for these is 100k and these will be used in conjunction with a new currency planned: Hell Shards, to purchase new gear from the Purgatory smith, coming in the next Optimization update or the one after.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bows, High end Craft-able ones now no longer give you AC, but instead do damage.
  • Equipping/Unequipping/Set Management Bugs have all been fixed, specifically around properly working and updating the top bar on the gam tab.

Version:, Optimizations Phase Two - Balancing Act, Published on: Feb 06 2022

Hello and welcome back to phase two of our optimization plan.

In phase one we made some slight adjustment and changes and we saw some breaking issues. I sincerely apologize to players for that.

However, we are back with phase two, which starts to make use of a third party tool called Clockwork, but don't worry it's only in development. It slows the whole site to a crawl so I can see where all the pain points are. Let me tell you - Queries were the biggest ,and still are in many regards, issue. We pull way too much data when you do simple actions and it causes the CPU to spike when running jobs, especially long running jobs and jobs like automation.

This is all being worked on in various phases. This phase focuses on battle and adventures and rewards and the collection of, as well the real time updating of various aspects of the game.

However, on the automation side, we have some update:

  • Reward collection and item collection is much faster.
  • Random item generation has been re-done to be much faster for things like manual battles, adventures and automation.
  • Adventures have been sped up with various fixes. They can still take up to 5-10 seconds past their timer expiration to finish This will be addressed in phase four, however, it's now down from a couple minutes.
  • The way we update the character for skill level ups, character levels and general stat changes has been made faster with the use of cacheing a lot of heavy to fetch data.

These are a few of the optimizations, most of them are around how we fetch the data so that what we fetch is quick and given back to you as fast as possible, this has seen increased speed in:

  • Battle reward/item processing
  • Adventure completion Time
  • Adventure Reward Processing/Collection
  • Crafting/Enchanting and Disenchanting

There are still more fixes to be made but we are getting even further than last time!

Enchanted Items and the Market

Enchanted items and the market have been reset. However, no need to panic!

  • Any item not in the character inventory or set or equipped, that can and dose have an enchantment will NOT be deleted.

No items you have equipped or sitting in your inventory will be touched. This will also be done weekly to keep the number of items in the database down.

The market will not be cleared weekly, this is a one time reset.

This clears out all those accidental duplicate items and enchanted items from people training skills as more items were added and continue to be added in the future.

Nerf and Balancing Changes

  • Life stealing will now no longer do more damage then you have health at the time of it firing.
  • Bug Fix! Balancing: Non stacking damage affixes are now properly fixed, this will cause a massive reduction in damage and may require enchantment adjustments.

Version:, Optimizations Phase One, Published on: Feb 03 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some slight updates for our first .D of a.b.c.d (our version numbers just get longer and longer and longer ...)

Any ways, whats important in this update is a couple new features:

  • Players can now see their character sheet on the game screen. There is a new tab for this.

    • This can cause the page to take up to 10 seconds to fully load. We do load things in bits and pieces.
    • This tab is also live, any changes you make here, such as equipping items, using items, adjusting which skills are in training and so on will reflect in the game tab.
      • Depending on how slow this is for some players, this feature may be removed back to the player having the character sheet open in a new tab. Players experiencing very slow or long loading times should report this in #bugs on discord
  • Quest item Voidance and Devoidance Boost

    • These gained a slight buff - This applied to all quest items that offer voidance and devoidance.
  • More monsters for Purgatory and Purgatory XP boost for monsters to be better then Hell in terms of XP.

On to the optimizations:

This does not mean auto battle will be making a return. The help docs have been updated to reflect that players should use Adventures to get more faction points than just manually farming.

  • When players die, the revive and death is 20X faster.
  • When we update aspects about the character, such as crafting, battling and so on - this has been made slightly faster as we do not send back nearly as much data.

These optimizations mostly focus around the amount of data we send back through web-sockets and what specifically we are updating. For example, when a player loads the page for the first time, they will see the top bar updates and loads faster.

The actions section and map section also load a tad faster.

Current Known Issues:

  • There is a known issue where sometime a player might open enchanting, crafting or alchemy and instead of seeing "ready" they might see an empty timer. If this is the case you can refresh or you can click the button to initiate the action. The timer will not reflect the action the first time around. I am having a hard time tracking this bug down as it only happens so often. If you see this bug, remember your steps and post about it in #bugs on discord.

  • Possible Slow downs. Some aspects of the game might be made worse by these optimizations or made better. This is phase one of a multi phase plan to slowly refactor and trim down the data, the queries and load on the server. For example right now a single player playing with building upgrade, unit movement, recruitments, adventures, fighting, crafting, enchanting - then throw on top hourly updates for kingdoms, daily gold dust ... The server can quickly hit 123% CPU load. This can and has caused issues with lag, rewards backing up and so on. If you notice abnormally slow loading for anything that is out of the normal for you please post in #bugs with steps to replicate.

Planes of Tlessa and The Creator would like you thank all of its players for the patience, dedication and willingness to hold on through this slight storm of bugs, optimizations and refactoring.

1.1.10 launched with a new feature that no one expected to almost Tank the server. A lot of 1.1.10 is locked behind this new feature, however for now, there is a way around it, both manually and through adventures.

As we continue down this road of optimizations I want to ask you for patience during this time, somethings might get worse, but not broken, and something might get better, Tlessa is a game who has been in development for more then 3 years and the more eyes we have on the game, the more issues we find and the more stable the game becomes.


The Creator.