Version: 1.0.22, Slight Fixes

  • Slight fix to enchanting: We only remove gold once instead of twice and we will give you your gold back is there's an issue on the server that causes an error.
  • Skills: Skills will now give you the full bonus applied to a base of 5. Skill xp Formula is now:
5 * $totalBonus;

// where totalBonus is comprised of:

- $xpTowards: How much xp are you putting towards (for training only, crafting, enchanting and soon alchemy will have this at 0.
- $skill->skill_training_bonus: Your total skill training bonus
- $adventureBonus: If you are currently training a skill and doing an adventure, that adventure bonus will be applied.

This will affect all skills.

Note: Crafting and Enchanting do not make use of xpTowards or advenureBonus.

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Version: 1.0.21, Crafting Changes and Item Prices

Don't be alarmed! Crafting and enchanting still work exactly as you would expect.

  • Items, with the exception of artifacts, are all pared - there are 33 weapons, armour (all pieces), spells (both types) and rings. These all top out at 2 billion gold and can all be bought from the shop and or crafted. Some of these might move the appropriate crafting skill to 230-250.
  • Items with attached affixes have had their prices adjusted as well, since they are not references, but duplicate items.

Crafting + Enchanting (and Future Alchemy)

These skills required you, currently, to spend a disgusting amount of gold, so I have changed how crafting works - slightly:

  • Crafting is still random, but: the roll is now between 0 - 100 and not 0 - 400 + bonuses.
  • If bonuses exceed 1.0 (100%) then the craft is a success. This should make crafting gear more valuable.
  • This make you have more success, with a few failures (if you have no crafting gear) but should see levels go up quicker, thus spending less gold.

The above Info applies to:

  • All Crafting Skill
  • Enchanting
  • 1.1's Alchemy Skill

There are also a few new items to round out the items so that each type has 33.


  • All monsters will drop more gold across both surface and labyrinth, capping out at 6k per kill on the hardest monster for each plane.
  • Labyrinth monsters (for the first levels have been weakened to allow easier entrance)

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Version: 1.0.20, The Little Things

Small changes.

  • Crafting Information Page and Enchanting Information Page have had their tables updated.
    • On crafting you can select the type.
    • On Both you can see the Skill Level Required and Skill Level Trivial.
  • Minor Help documentation updates around settings and crafting.
  • Items will now show proper % for stats.

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Version: 1.0.19, Minor Fixes and Market Changes

Nothing major just some small changes:

  • Market Board History Chart can now also be shown by time. That is you can select 24 Hours, 1 Day, 1 Week or 1 Month from the "Show history for last?" drop down button on all history charts.

  • Market board now default to showing the last 24 hours worth of sales instead of all sales.

  • Adventure name fixed on the completed page.

  • Items total stats are now formatted and show not show 5.48674596874596847569% for example. instead it should just be 5%.

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Version: 1.0.18, Kingdoms and overuse of resources

This update is minor and brings with it a couple changes:

  • For the admin: The market statistics chart works - yay!


  • Kingdom buildings for upgrading and rebuilding will now disable the buttons before posting the data to the server. This should stop the upgrade issue of overusing resources.
  • Same thing for units and unit recruitment.
  • Unit recruitment now has some tool tips you can hover over to explain more about population cost and such.

Market Place

  • Buy and sell now show loaders.


  • Items and affixes are now properly capped.
  • Items costing more then 5k wont drop from mobs.
  • Affixes costing more then 1k each wont drop from mobs.

But creator, I just a got a drop valued at 700k+

The way the random item builder works, is it cycles through items and appropriate affixes. We only create a new item if an item with the affix doesn't already exist, if it does we might replace it. So over time the system will clean it's self up in regards to the prices of affixes currently.

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Version: 1.0.17, Stop selling your equipped items on the market board.

That's it. That's all this fixes.

  • Equipped enchanted items can no longer be sold via the market board.

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Version: 1.0.16, Nothing Special

  • Admin section can now export and import skills. Extreme caution as jobs are not run when importing, so users will not be updated. This is only for setting up the game.
  • Other minor bits and bobs I released last night after 1.0.15

See? Nothing special.

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Version: 1.0.15, Attack Formula Changes Pt. 2

Phew, we did it. We changed the attack formula.

  • When Attacking (Can you hit?): (attacker.base_stat + Math.round(attacker.dex / 2)) * attackerAccuracy;
  • When A Monster is Attacking you (Can Hit? Dodge): (defender.base_stat + Math.round(defender.dex / 2)) * defenderDodge;

To block, its AC > Base Stat

This should fix issues with attacking and with adventures. Your gear does matter.

  • Shields no longer provide stat bonuses, instead they provide base defence modifiers.
  • New Skills: Fighters Resilience (max level 999, max skill bonus 25%, affects: Attack Timer (-25% at max level))
  • Training Skills are now max level 999, they have had their percentages adjusted appropriately.
  • Slight monster tweaks.

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Version: 1.0.14, Market Changes

Market board now uses the api to post items to it, this will allow users to make 100 posts per minute.

  • Market board also shows base item cost.
  • When clicking on a item on the market board it will now show you a percentage of above or below base cost value.
  • New Affixes, Affix level adjustments.

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Version: 1.0.13, The never ending song of bugs.

This one brings a few minor changes such as:

  • Players who settle 100 kingdoms will trigger a global message
  • Players who settle 500 kingdoms will trigger a better message.
  • Players who settle 1000 kingdoms will trigger the best of all messages. (Don't go looking through the source and spoil it >.>)

Finally! Skill xp is fixed. The earing of it, in relation to bonuses towards xp from items, adventures, so on and so forth.

  • Speaking of which, characters who are not new to the game:

On your next level of your current skill, your xp required to level it will be smaller. New players will see this automatically. It's still a grind, but a manageable grind.

Enemy Kingdoms

So those red enemy kingdoms? Click it. Now I show the name and the morale. Wait.....Did the morale just change? Yup. All enemy kingdoms morale is visible and live updating for every one.

  • Finally, settlers are fixed. When attacking kingdoms with settlers, it did nothing. This has been fixed.

If the morale is > 0, the kingdom looses 10%. Else, we take it. That means a kingdoms morale HAS to be zero for your to take it with your next settler.

  • Market shop should give you some more lee way with the throttle before timing you out.
  • Tables will now set you back to page one when searching and filtering.

Please Creator, we beg of you ..

I have heard you. Go to your inventory child and click on the check boxes.

Creator, is that ....

Yes my child. mass destroy

  • Ahem, mass destroy is now a thing for inventory. This will not destroy currently equipped or quest items, but will destroy everything else.

  • Map dragging issues fixed, sort of, at various screen sizes. If you have issues, post screen res and issue in bug section on discord.

  • Recruitment input for recruiting units is better looking.

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