Planes of Tlessa

Version: 1.0.5, Refresh Loop Fix, Published on: Jun 13 2021

This release fixes the refresh loop error, when you did too many actions and is now no longer and issue.

Lets talk about stats

Right now its super easy with what you got to kill say a beholder, but now I have changed stats, again - I know, Im sorry.

Stats were being calculated like: stat += stat * percentage bonus this is wrong. it should be stat *= percentage bonus. This will shrink your stats from 12-18M down to a few thousand. This means that you wont be able to kill creatures in Labyrinth anymore and the highest stated gear will only take you so far down surface plane.

This is what was intended. For player to grind for the gear, grind for the levels and fight harder critters and be able to kill them in one shot.

So while yes this will make it harder for you to kill things, 1.0.6 will work on how the attack system works and balance it out a bit more. Right now players are focusing on accuracy to get around dodge or block, and while yes, this is a bit broken. 1.06 will also focus on the drop chance.

Version: 1.0.4, Oops I broke character sheet., Published on: Jun 13 2021

Well ladies and gentlemen, 1.0.3 doesn't even have time to breathe before bam! security issue.

  • Characters can now, no longer resend the post command to post battle results while dead or timed out for attacking.

Phew, Thank the lord for the good fellows in discord who caught that one!

  • Character sheet now works again, I was formatting numbers that were ....wait for it .... already formatted. Sigh ...
  • character sheet has been changed a bit to show modded stats on their own line for readability.
  • A dump has been taken out of the event listener so now the random drops should work. oops.

I hope this one gets to breathe, It passed all my tests. I promise.

Version: 1.0.3, Stats Change, Published on: Jun 13 2021

Hello everyone, welcome back to Tlessa!

Today we have an update about stats. Stats in Tlessa are extremely important, specifically your Base Class stat and your Dexterity. Accuracy skill and Dodge Skill are also used when doing battles. It has come to my attention that things were not in sync, calculation wise, or stat wise when determining if you can hit, block, dodge the attack.

To that end, some changes have to occur to fix the balancing issues that were being presented. Right now, with just base gear, the max stat a player could have that isn't their base damage stat, is roughly 18 Million - that's with the most expensive gear, with out affixes. Because of that monsters then had to be adjusted stat wise to compensate for the new massive numbers you'll have.

This is still something I am iterating on, but for now - your stats are about to go through the roof. You might find the monster you were fighting is now slaughtering you, or maybe its weak to your attack power.

Other Changes Include:

  • Items that drop from monsters are now links to the item it's self, their color is a light blue.
  • Security issue fixed: Players can no longer get the skinny on other players kingdoms.
  • Session Time Out Fixed: Players who's session times out should now be properly redirected to the login page for every action in game.
  • Possibly Fixed: Players who do too many actions should now see the popup, saying they have been a busy bee on their next action attempt.
  • Crafting/Enchanting Are fixed, enchanting no longer compounds price and disables properly, crafting also disables properly.
  • Attack has now been disabled upon defeating an enemy.
  • Skills need to have their descriptions update but now I can give more info about the skills in game.
  • Characters now use modded dex and dur for hit and health respectively.
  • Skill info now shows proper percentages.

Item Comparison:

Item comparison is another area that's in flux. The core mechanics are there it's just the number crunching seems a bit off. In this iteration only stats that increase or decrease are colored, how ever - when looking at an item, not equipping it, the same is said. The only difference is on the comparison you'll see red for decreases.

Sometimes you might want to equip gear that will weaken your stats but increase crafting and enchanting skill bonuses, what should happen, and is still a work in progress, is that equipment to be replaced should show a negative number if you already have something equipped in that slot.

How ever, for now slight adjustments have been made, replacing an item with another item that increases the same stat will show the difference of what you would gain - if anything - or lose.

Version: 1.0.2, Reverted Map Back Back, Published on: Jun 12 2021

The map was working on 1366 but when I made the screen larger the map stopped working properly in terms of being able to be dragged around, so I reverted it for now

Version: 1.0.1, Day One Fixes, Published on: Jun 12 2021

Hello and welcome back to Tlessa! We have some new fixes for you!

  • Crafting and enchanting has slightly changed: Now when replacing an affix its 1000 gold + cost of the affix you want attached.
  • N,S,E,W Buttons are now N,S,W,E for the directional buttons (up, down, left, right)
  • 1366x768 in land scape mode has been fixed.
  • Stats on the quip page, do not change color if they are 0% or 0. They will be grey.

Version: 1.0.0, A Morning Sun, Published on: Jun 11 2021

Welcome one and all to the Planes Of Tlessa. This is a persistent browser based game that allows the character to:

  • Fight monsters
  • Go on adventures
  • Manage and attack other kingdoms
  • Craft/Enchant
  • Set Sail/Teleport/Move around a map as well as Traverse to to the new plane of existence: Labyrinth.
  • Find quest items and level to 1000.

You can do all this and more free. No gimmicks, hidden costs or secrets completely add free and legit free. You cannot use real world money to buy anything in this game, if you want it. Earn it.