Planes of Tlessa

Version: 1.0.15, Attack Formula Changes Pt. 2, Published on: Jun 22 2021

Phew, we did it. We changed the attack formula.

  • When Attacking (Can you hit?): (attacker.base_stat + Math.round(attacker.dex / 2)) * attackerAccuracy;
  • When A Monster is Attacking you (Can Hit? Dodge): (defender.base_stat + Math.round(defender.dex / 2)) * defenderDodge;

To block, its AC > Base Stat

This should fix issues with attacking and with adventures. Your gear does matter.

  • Shields no longer provide stat bonuses, instead they provide base defence modifiers.
  • New Skills: Fighters Resilience (max level 999, max skill bonus 25%, affects: Attack Timer (-25% at max level))
  • Training Skills are now max level 999, they have had their percentages adjusted appropriately.
  • Slight monster tweaks.

Version: 1.0.14, Market Changes, Published on: Jun 21 2021

Market board now uses the api to post items to it, this will allow users to make 100 posts per minute.

  • Market board also shows base item cost.
  • When clicking on a item on the market board it will now show you a percentage of above or below base cost value.
  • New Affixes, Affix level adjustments.

Version: 1.0.13, The never ending song of bugs., Published on: Jun 19 2021

This one brings a few minor changes such as:

  • Players who settle 100 kingdoms will trigger a global message
  • Players who settle 500 kingdoms will trigger a better message.
  • Players who settle 1000 kingdoms will trigger the best of all messages. (Don't go looking through the source and spoil it >.>)

Finally! Skill xp is fixed. The earing of it, in relation to bonuses towards xp from items, adventures, so on and so forth.

  • Speaking of which, characters who are not new to the game:

On your next level of your current skill, your xp required to level it will be smaller. New players will see this automatically. It's still a grind, but a manageable grind.

Enemy Kingdoms

So those red enemy kingdoms? Click it. Now I show the name and the morale. Wait.....Did the morale just change? Yup. All enemy kingdoms morale is visible and live updating for every one.

  • Finally, settlers are fixed. When attacking kingdoms with settlers, it did nothing. This has been fixed.

If the morale is > 0, the kingdom looses 10%. Else, we take it. That means a kingdoms morale HAS to be zero for your to take it with your next settler.

  • Market shop should give you some more lee way with the throttle before timing you out.
  • Tables will now set you back to page one when searching and filtering.

Please Creator, we beg of you ..

I have heard you. Go to your inventory child and click on the check boxes.

Creator, is that ....

Yes my child. mass destroy

  • Ahem, mass destroy is now a thing for inventory. This will not destroy currently equipped or quest items, but will destroy everything else.

  • Map dragging issues fixed, sort of, at various screen sizes. If you have issues, post screen res and issue in bug section on discord.

  • Recruitment input for recruiting units is better looking.

Version: 1.0.12, Balancing Phase 2, Published on: Jun 18 2021

This one consists of fixes to the mechanics of battle. While the battle formula will change in 1.1.0, this change removes affixes that grant bonuses to skill training. Instead now you would equip relics.

All affixes have been rebalanced as well as artifacts.

Monsters have also been balanced in a way that uses your level and your equipment. while yes this does make it more of a grind, that is - essentially what - Tlessa is. You are grinding for those drops, you are grinding for those levels, you are grinding for that gear, you are grinding for that gold. You never stop grinding, when you get sick of it - you go on adventures.

Some people have asked: What's the point of this game? What do I do? And I get that, it can be frustrating. It's a game of mindless grind, you chat to people on line or in discord while you grind, you settle kingdoms to get gold essentially. The more you have, the more gold you make per day:

  • Kingdoms now give 1000 gold/hr if the morale is above 50%. else it's 100 gold per hour.

The other idea was to give meaning to the grind, so now you have drops that fall, its with enchantments. Players before were not using crafting or enchanting or caring about them. Because of the drops.

  • Drops have been nerfed and only specific items and affixes of a specific price may drop in battle or adventure.

I wanted players to feel the achievement of crafting better and better gear and enchanting it. Of feeling the satisfaction of listing it in market and selling it. I mean it cost them a lot of gold to make, so why shouldn't they be rewarded that lucky button click.

  • When enchanting, you will see all the available enchantments and their cost in game. If you try to craft a really expensive one - you will fail. Why? You're level is not high enough. Consult the help information for more info under the crafting and enchanting section.

Lets discuss monsters.

The idea is simple: You work your way down the monster list till you reach the last one, then you (assuming you found the Key of the Labyrinth) go to the labyrinth - and fight those monsters as they get even more harder.

Tlessa right now doesn't have the gear or affixes for you to kill, say a Beholder, in the labyrinth. More will be added.

Right now a fully decked out character in the most expensive gear, with no affixes - at level 1000 - can kill Jester of Beleth.

With affixes on top of that gear - which won't drop, but can be bought and crafted - you should be able to make it roughly half way down the monster list in Labyrinth, maybe a little further.

It's simple: You grind for levels, you grind for gold, you grind your skills, you sell, you barter, you wage war, you fight (coming soon). That is what Tlessa and her monsters are about. The slow monotonous (free) grind.

The idea is you work your way down slowly. getting new gear, trying new things. Going on adventures, so on and so forth. People were going way to fast. And that's not what I wanted at all. So I fixed it such that monsters stats are relative to not just your gear, but also your level. Remember you get 2 points in your base damage stat and 1 in everything else, every time you level.

Monsters do have accuracy, and now you have a reason to train that skill, but they also have dexterity. So it's important to mind both.

  • Affixes around skills have been removed. Now it's artifacts that do it, and they will not drop off enemies and you cannot enchant them.

This patch also does fix some other issues such as the refresh loop. Which should not happen any more. Instead you should see the proper time out modal.

This patch also fixes kingdoms to be the proper color for you.

There's some other bits and pieces in here, and more will come - but this was vital. Having a well balanced game is important, and while yes the formula does favour accuracy, again the formula is for phase three in 1.1.0

Version: 1.0.11, Balancing Changes, Published on: Jun 16 2021

This patch begins a small cycle of balancing that will happen. First lets talk about whats changed:

  • Maps should be draggle all the way (and then a little bit depending on display size) to the right on all screen sizes that you can drag the map on.
  • Skill XP has been changed, now its 350-700 (trainable), 350-900 (crafting/enchanting)

New players will see the Skill changes, existing players will see it after they level a skill if they have any left to level.

  • Items that cost less then 1million gold can drop with affixes that also cost less then 1 million gold.

This was causing a "too soon, too fast" issue with expensive items dropping having expensive affixes attached.

You can still buy the more expensive from the shop, but to get the better affixes you need to enchant them by training your enchanting to unlock new enchants.

Right now there is an issue with monster stats and item stats being out of sync, this gets fixed with data imports that have to be modified after this release.

Version: 1.0.9, Bring me some life, Published on: Jun 15 2021

This is an experiment and may be reverted if the players game experience is impacted by the map becoming to laggy as more and more kingdoms are settled.

First we have kingdoms showing on the map. People were pretty vocal about this, specifically the feeling of being alone. While I do not want players rendered on the map, too cluttery, I also didn't want kingdoms, for this reason as well.

All kingdoms will show up on the map for all players. Any kingdom, be it on Surface or Labyrinth plane (that is not yours) will be seen as red.

When a character settles a new kingdom all other players maps will update instantly to show that new red kingdom. There is no hiding. If you are stalking a character's kingdoms, and they move off plane, your map will not update when they settle. You must be on the same plane of existence.

You can click on red kingdoms to get coordinates and see who owns it. More will be added to this later.

You can read about this in the updated Kingdoms and Attacking Kingdoms.

With that being said no player Can settle kingdoms within one step away from a location or port in all directions. You must move at least two steps away in any direction from a port or kingdom in order to settle.

This is to allow players to see locations and ports among all the kingdoms.

New Currently On Map: This will show under the map and show how many characters are on what plane.

What this means, is if you are on surface and there's 45 characters on surface and I move to Labyrinth, your number of 45 will go down to 44. and labyrinth will go up.

This will not show whos logged in, just how many characters are parked on a plane and only updates if some one leaves the plane for another. This number will update for every one when you enter a new plane or rejoin one.

This should help with the feeling like there is a lack of life on the map and will make characters want to hunt for kingdoms. Didn't you know? The more kingdoms, the more gold you make?

Version: 1.0.10, Minor Bugs And Changes, Published on: Jun 15 2021

  • Help Im stuck has been changed to Help I'm Stuck
  • Kingdom Treasury modal, open your kingdom, click treasury - now shows the proper kingdom morale reduction.
  • Chat Box is now max-height, not min-height.

Version: 1.0.7, Broken Kingdoms ..., Published on: Jun 14 2021

This release fixes the kingdom management modal, both the recruit and building management were breaking the game.

Version: 1.0.6, Attack Formula Changes, Published on: Jun 14 2021

There has been some minor adjustments to attack and block formulas. These are still being iterated on, but now use 50% of your base stat in conjunction with accuracy and dexterity.

  • Some items had their skill training and skill xp bonus nerfed.
  • All Affixes that affect skills have been nerfed.
  • Gold and Item drops should now show less frequently and make you use the shop/market board.
  • Monsters have been tweaked slightly.

Version: 1.0.8, Fixes for issues, Published on: Jun 14 2021

The following has been fixed:

  • When entering a name for a kingdom, to settle, there was a chance the box would keep "indicating" that it's loading even after it threw an error.
  • Fixed issues with item comparison not calculating values properly.
  • Kingdom throttle has been increased from 25 actions per 2 minutes to 120 per 1 minute.
  • Labyrinth title for kingdom modal, when you wanted to instantly teleport to the kingdom, is now the right shade of pink instead of white.
  • Kingdom management modal will now open when you settle a new kingdom instead of you having to manually open it.

With these fixes, I can begin to focus on 1.1 which will bring:

  • NPC's that you can interact with via the chat
  • Locations on planes can give bonuses (xp, skills, gold and drops) and make enemies harder at that location.
  • 4 New Sets of gear, 1 set of affixes and 1 set of relics (these will only be able to be crafted)
  • Map Events (More on this later)