Planes of Tlessa

Version: 1.1.10, Planes of Tlessa 1.1.10 - Edge of the World, Published on: Jan 29 2022

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing fantastic today!

Planes of Tlessa is here to announce a new major update, which is odd for a simple and small patch that is no longer SMALL! We have so many exciting features for you and I want you to explore and enjoy them all!

First off, for you new and fabulous players, we have a new "tips" section, that is more of a walk through of your first hour or so. Really gives you a glimpse of the game and what we have to offer.

But enough of that, we are here to see the new features! Where to start? hmmm..... Kingdoms? Shall we start there?

*At any time you can head to the Help Docs where alot of these changes are discussed in further detail.


Kingdoms got a new series of features and makeover of sorts, to the look and feel the kingdom management screen.

We have so much more information now, then before. we have:

  • New Buildings
    • Goblin Coin Bank: Buy up 1000 Gold Bars at a cost of 2 billion each.
      • Each bar can add a specific % to your overall kingdom defence, as well as a way to store excess gold.
      • This is locked behind a new concept we will chat about in a moment, called: Kingdom Passive Skills. Players will need to level the Goblin Coin Bank Passive to unlock the building, to which they have to level to 5 to use the bank. There is no taxes on withdrawing or depositing or morale deductions.
    • Cannoneer Shop: Allows you to recruit units. A kingdom with Full Walls, Maxed treasury and Maxed out Bank will be capped at 45% defence bonus, regardless of if your defence bonus goes higher. The thought process here is that these can rip through anything.
      • Players will need to level the Canoneer Shop Passive Skill before being able to gain access to this building.
      • Players then have to level the building to unlock Cannons. These units cost much more in resources and population.
    • Calvary Training Grounds: Allows players to train Mounted Knights and Mounted Archers.
      • Players have to unlock the Calvary Training Grounds before being allowed access.
      • Players also have to level the building up to gain access to these units.

Well thats a thing now, but we have this new and facinating concept called Kingdom Passive Skills, which:

  • Take Real world hours to complete and can be done while offline.
  • Slowly unlock and add new buffs to your kingdom and all existing kingdoms and future kingdoms, including unlocking new buildings.
    • If you Take over a Players kingdom where the buildings are locked and you have unlocked them, you will see a message stating Building X is now unlocked/locked depending on your passive skill level.
    • If you settle a kingdom and have the buildings unlocked, then they will be unlocked in the new kingdom.
  • Adds a sense of accomplishment to manageing your kingdoms.
  • Applies all unlocked buildings and passives to all exisiting and future kingdoms, including those taken via war, paid the NPC for or settled a new kingdom.

Oh, I forgot - I fixed a bug as well, you might have thought - ok it takes 1 minute times the kingdom building level to upgrade. No. That was a horrible bug. There whole time mechanism aspect was never working properly, the time should have grown from minutes to hours as the levels got higher, like Tribal Wars 2. Which is where I took some inspiration from.

This is now working properly, however:

To mitigate the one level at a time issue, players can now:

  • Use gold to buy multiple levels at a time for multiple buildings.
    • If the kingdom does not have the required population, we will buy additional population and you will incure an additional cost.
      • Should you then cancel this upgrade, you will only get a % of the gold back and no gold back for the population charge should you have been charged.
      • You wil also get some population back, but none of the purchased pop.
  • Use gold to buy units. Units have also been increaded to 1 Billion per type.
    • CAUTION: You need to train Kingmanship (use to be called Lust for Gold) skill significantly before attempting to purchase 1 Billion of any unit. The reason is, this skill (a training skill, AKA Fight monsters) will significantly reduce the time from 94 real world years for 1 billion spearmen to ~34 days
      • Players can buy units, but this will not buy more population. No you must make that choice. See below.

We got some contraversy coming to the game. It is a fantasy game after all. Players can now buy population for their armies using gold. Beside the population amount on the Kingdom Info Panel characters will see that they can buy up to 2 Billion Additional People.


Those famillar with an NPC called The Old Man, will anger him come the hourly reset. Lets assume your Max Population is 100 and you purchased 40,000 Additional people. Now assume you din't use any of them.

On the hourly reset he is going to be pissed and come looking for his money for the upkeep of all these people. You might have paid 5 gold per person, but now he wants 10,000 .... per person. Math time:

10,000 * 40,000 = 400,000,000 Gold.

  • He will take from the kingdom treasury first.
    • Got no gold? He will take from your goblin bank rounded up to the nearest whole number (ie, 1 Bar in this case, which is worth 2 billion gold)
      • Got no Bars? He will take from YOUR pockets.
        • Still got no Gold? He will demolish the kingdom and remove it from the map.

All of this will be broadcasted live for others who are playing to see, it's like a public shaming.

Players are advised to think carefully as your kingmanship skill will determine how many people you can buy for your army when wanting to recruit multiple units at a time.

Well, that was facinating, where to now? Oh I know lets talk about quests.


Quests got a massive overhaul, now players will see a Plane Quests beside the Character Map Count. This is where things get fun, if you click this you will see a new box pop up under the action section whch will show you all the quests for that plane, but even better is if you click the All Quests Button at the top of that pannel to open a modal that legit shows every single quest in the game.

Whats even better is that a player can click on one of those quests and be told:

Where to go, what to do, who to talk to, what items they need, currencies and so on and where to get them.

If you can't access a location of plane it will tell you in explicit details, how to acesss that place, from what quest to complete to what monster to kill.

Unforntently, when players open the panel for the first time, it will take a moment, a legitimate moment, to load. But we store this quest tree in your browser cache for reference in between sessions so that when you re-open the panel, all we fetch is what quests you completed.

This is something players have been screaming at me for, and I have heard my fabulous denizens of my world. Come now children, the quests await.

  • There are new quests to access Hell
  • There are new quests to access Purgatory
  • There are new quests to speak to the new NPC: Queen of Hearts.

A lot of quest fixes were implemted and with the new tree aspect, players cannot just speak to the NPC once and complete a series of quests back to back, as some are locked behind others. In rare instances, such as later in the game with the Wondering Mechant, talking to him, can complete two quests at the same time.

  • Quests can now require a second item (new NPC text is displayed when a quest needs this and the player has these)
  • Quests can now require access to a specific plane
  • Quests can now require specific faction levels (new NPC text is displayed when a quest has this and the player meets this)
  • Mostly all quests will give the player one full level and currency for participating.
  • Quests can now require items that only drop from special locations , in which players CANNOT use automation to find. That is automatic fighting will not let the location drop the item.

Wow, so quests really changed eh? Players have been asking for ways to see the quests and what order to do them in. What was more important is they wanted it in game, instead of a third tab, to the help docs which would just give more questions.

The docs still don't go into as much depth as the in game quest tree, thats because of the amount of data being brought back for the game.

I basically walk you, hand holding you, through each and every quest.

All that I need from you, is time. A lot of time.

These quests are also designed to force you, yes force you, into utilizing aspects of the system and lets you learn a little about each system as you look it up in the help docs or read some info in it's help section.

For a new player, these quests will take months to do. And no, you cannot use money to complete any of these, just time.

Well we went through the land of quests and now we are left wondering about Factions and Special Locations and Who is this new Queen of Hearts? lets go on to Factions which kills two of those pesky birds with some stones I have here in my pockets.

Faction Points and the Queen

Tlessa introduced a new mechanism called Auto Attack, as apart of the Automation Patch Cycle's (there is crafting in 1.1.11 and kingdom management in 1.1.12). These Cycles aim to bring:

  • Attack Automation
  • Crafting/Enchanting Automation
  • Kingdom Mangement Automation (for players with Plexes - Large quantities of kingdoms in square formations grouped together.)

One of these features has comes to the game for this patch cycle: Attack Automation.

  • Players can select a monster
  • Players can select an attack type
  • Players can select a length of time (up to 8 hours max)
  • Players can select a skill to train
  • Players can select weather we should move down the list of x levels gained.

Players MAY NOT log out while this is runing. Your session is only 90 minutes, so you need to be interacting with the game in some fashion or at least refreshing the page every 70 or so minutes.

If your session or character dies, the automation will stop. Tlessa is not a set it and forget it game.

Automation is useful for one aspect, well two:

  • Leveling
  • Faction Points.

Players can gain Faction points for each map, except Purgatory. That means there are 5 Factions a player can do.

These require a specific number of points. For example, to level the Surface Faction from level 0 to level 1 you need 500 points. To get these points you use automation to kill monsters 500 times. Any monster, doesn't matter. Then from level 1 to 2 you kill 500 monsters for 1000 points (2 points per kill) from there the points needed double to 8k but the amount you need doubles to half that - 4k.

At level one you will need 500 points, 1000 points for level 2, 2,000 points for level 3, 4000 for level 4 and to cap out (or max) the faction you then need an additional 8000 points.

Some quests will require specific levels of specific factions. The titles do nothing.

When a player levels a faction they get a randomly generated brand new type of enchantment called a Unique. These show as green in your inventory.

Players can later buy these from the Queen of Hell (after doing a series of quests to access Hell and Talk to her)

These uniques come in three valuations:

  • Basic - Costs 10,000,000,000 Gold and is on par with Affixes and items that cost about this range in crafting. These are what drops as Faction Rewards for each level - Total: 25 of them.
  • Medium - Costs 50,000,000,000 Gold and is stronger then the best affixes you can enchant through enchanting. Can only be bough from the Queen.
  • Legendary - Costs 100,000,000,000 Gold and is the best type of Affix you can get period. Ever. In All creation. Can only be bought.

Players really only ever need one Affix, 100 Billion Valuation. Hell even it's base stats alone are enough to just use as is. But what is the fun in a gold sink if you can't farm endlessy to try and roll, through the power of RNG, the most perfect item ever known?

What is the point indeed.

The Queen of Hearts will let you not just purcahse, but also re roll the stats, everything but the name and type. Or you can break it down to just the tabs that you see when you look an affix, each of those tabs can be individually re-rolled.

This costs Gold Dust and Shards though to do and can cost as much as 40,000 GD and 400 Shards. You only get these from farming Celestial Entities, which spawn on Wednesdays or through doing quests (if you are a new player).

Gold dust you can get from disenchanting, but shards is another story. Shards is where the player must do Celestial fights.

Re-rolling is completly RNG, you can not effect the outcome. You could get perfect intillegence and need Focus, only to reroll and now it's oppisite day. It's all RNG. NO, YOU CANNOT USE REAL WORLD MONEY TO EFFECT THIS.

But thats not even the end of it. She can also move the enchantments from the item to another of your choice completly over writing the enchantments already on the item and effectivly making it a unique. How fun!

Characters can only ever have one unique equipped. Players can only have one unique in a set to make it equippable, but can place multiple in a set if they are stashing them.

Uniques can recycle names for both Prefix and Suffix. A item that is generated with one or two unique enchantments (which would be considered as one unique when equipping or putting into a set) could have The same name for both Prefix and Suffix, and have radically different stats.

Players, when selling these on the market cannot sell them for less then half their valuation cost. A valuation of 10 billion for a unique item with two enchants cannot sell for less then 10 billion (two unique enchants = 20 billion, a 10 billion enchant can generate with two of these its a 50/50 shot), versly, a 10 billion unique with one enchant cannot be sold for less then 5 billion.

Players get these for just leveling their factions.

10 Billion is consdered early game 50 and Above is end Game. Players are suggested to have a decently rolled 100 billion valuation before entering Purgatory.

These Affixes can (eventually) raise your stats well into the 1-10 Quad range for high end players and make killing monsters as a new player and gaining levels and thus doing quests, significantly less tedius as a new player while still giving them something to work torwards as the real power of the item is unlocked as you level.

Ok we got through that aspect of the game, where to next - oh thats right Special Locations, Hell and Purgatory!

Special Locations, Hell and Purgatory

Tlessa is launching with two brand new planes of existance.

  • Hell: Requires a quest item to enter. Contains The Queen of Hearts NPC and the Tear in the Fabric of Space Time
    • Players need to complete a quest to walk on Magma here.
  • Purgatory: Small Black Islands dotted in a ocean of white.
    • Players need to complete a quest to enter and cannot walk on water and cannot settle kingdoms
    • Players can only enter from the Tear in the Fabric of Space Time only located in Hell.

Neither plane will let you use /pct to traverse OFF the plane to a celestial entity else where. However, will let you use /pct for same plane tavel, although there are no Celestials for Hell or Purgatory at this time.

Both planes adjust your modded stats by a specific amount. Both planes reduce and cap the Vampires Life steal at 50%.

Players will need The highest Craftable set they can make with the top end enchantments to make it in Hell.

Players then need to equip at least one 100 Billion Unique with at least two enchants on it and move them to the best crafted item they have. It would probably be best to move these special uniques to the Body piece.

Body gives you the most stat increase, adding to that, re-rolled enchantments with the highest re-roll you an get makes for squeezing out every little bit you can.

These Creatures in Purgatory are so strong that even a fully decked out Level 3900 Character CANNOT kill the bottom list - with their prefered attack, which is what deals the most damage. Most will make it to the bottom of the list if you just use Fight action, but even then they are not gaurenteed to kill the enemy in one shot or not be voided.

This is intended, as even with the best gear possible, the best alchemy items, you are reduced so much that you can only make it so far, but the further you can make it the better as it proves that your character is top tier.

Special Locations on the other hand exist on all planes except Purgatory. These are Pink Arch places you can click on (on PC, sorry mobile - for mobile players you can see a list of locations) to see what they are. Special locations can increase monsters stats, skills and resistances, but not weaken (additionally, aside from the map) a player.

That is a player in Hell will not be weakened further by entering a special location, where the creatures are even stronger.

Additionally these places can drop quest items needed for specific quests. These items will not drop if you are using automation. You must manually farm for these. Looting is is capped at 45% and the drop chance for the quest item is 1/1,000,000,000. If a place drops more then one item, you could get any of the items.

A player with capped out looting in a special location only needs a few kills.

These will also only drop off creatures 10 levels or higher then you (their max level must be 10 levels or higher then your current level.)

Ahem, Quests can have you jumping all over from one location to the next to get the items you need or from one plane to the next just to get the faction points.

As players complete the quests in order, they will eventually unlock access, or a quest that needs access will tell them, speficically, how to get access.

Where to now child? Oh I know, lets talk quickly about classes and Adventures:

Class Balancing and Adventures

Prophets have been properly balanced to take into account:

  • If weapon and shield, we give you an additional 15% of your CHR as attack
  • If Damage spell is equipped then the prophet will use 15% of their chr towards their attack
  • Prophets now, properly, do an additional 30% of their chr when healing.
  • Fighters have had their attack bonus upped to 15% for their weapon bonuses.

Adventures is the tricky one as it doesn't seem to cause people issues until they go to collect the rewards. Now we process the reward collection in background and give you the most crucial rewards, like XP, Skill XP and currencies before handeing the items off to be processed.

This now allows players to queue up for another adventure, even if the items are still processing from the previous adventure.

Adventures will also now properly respect a players disenchanting settings. A player just has to collect the items and then we will disenchant each item, or give it to you if it's a quest item.

This solves the issues of 500's and 504 issue when players tried to collect rewards. See below for a nerf to adventures length and monsters.

Crafting Skills and Lust for Gold Changes

  • Weapon, Armour, Spell, Artifact, Enchanting and Ring Crafting all have their crafting lists updated to a max level of 400.
  • Alchemy had it's level reduced to 200 and it's list officially updated.

Lust for Gold (a training skill) is now called: Kingmanship and effects:

  • Treasury Gain Per Hour
  • Building Upgrade Time Reduction (vital for buying multiple levels with gold)
  • Unit Upgrade Time Reduction (vital for buying massive ammounts of units)
  • Unit Movement Time. Reduction (vital for moving mass amounts of units over long distances, can reduce time to 1 minute at most)
    • Only applies to sending and recalling units, not when they are returning from an attack. If they are returning, we use the default return time.

Players will need to train the Kingmanship skill much like how they train accuracy or dodge. Mixing this in with Kingdom Passive skills, makes for a well rounded kingdom management experience.

So, we finished with a few minor updates, what about if I don't want my kingdom anymore?

Abandoning Kingdoms

Players can choose to abandon any kingdom they wish, that they own provided their are no incoming, outgooing attacks or unit movement, and provided the kingdom has no Gold Bars.

Meeting those requirements a player can choose to abandon their kingdom. The Old Man will take the kingdom and reduce it:

  • All buildings loose 35% of their durability
  • All units and population is reduced by 75%
  • Morale is reduced to 50%
  • The player is locked out from settling or taking another kingdom for 30 minutes. This includes war and npc actions.
    • Should the player abandon another kingdom with in that time frame, the player will have an additional 30 minutes for each additional kingdom they abandon. This time will stack.
    • Players will not be told how long they have left, unless they try and take a kingdom via war, NPC or settling. This is a punishment for abandoning your people. Players are asked to use caution when abandoning their kingdoms.

Players who also take a kingdom that has unlocked buldings, such as the Goblin Bank - for example, will have the building locked if they do not have the passive unlocked or unlocked if they do - aassuming the buildings on the kingdom were locked.

This applies to NPC and War.

Lets move on to chat updates.


Chat has been updated to now pull the last 1000 publically sent messages.

As time goes on this may be reduced to not put so much stress on the server.

When characters login they will see a server message and a global message will go out. The same thing happens for players who register.

This message is delayed a bit so every one can see it and gies time to load the game should you have a slower internet connection.

This is to help people enage more in the community. Players are encouraged to ask questions in chat, knowing some one, some where, at some point will get to them.

Finally we have nerfing - this deals with adventures specfically. lets go over this together.

Nerfed Adventures

The following is a list of adventures in game that have been nerfed to help with server strain.

  • Witches Hut
    • Had its levels reduced from 42 to 10
    • Had its time increased to 3 minutes per level
  • The Old Keep
    • Had its levels reduced from 40 to 8
    • Had its time increased to 8 minutes per level
    • Had its creature list reduced
  • Crossing the river
    • Had its levels reduced from 38 to 12
  • Shadow Mind
    • Had its levels reduced from 30 to 10
  • Cave of Treasure
    • Had its levels reduced from 30 to 8
    • Had its time increased to 5 minutes per level
  • Have you seen her?
    • Had its levels reduced from 28 to 4
  • Deaths Water
    • Had its level reduced from 25 to 3
    • Had its time increased to 8 minutes per level
  • The demon in my head
    • Had its levels reduced from 25 to 6
  • Dark Faith
    • Had its levels reduced from 25 to 10
  • The failed bridge
    • Had its levels reduced from 25 to 10
  • The other side
    • Had its levels reduced from 25 to 10
  • The Beholder
    • Had its levels reduced from 24 to 6
    • Had its time increased to 8 minutes per level
  • Witches Grave Yard
    • Had its levels reduced from 24 to 2
    • Increased its time per level to 12 minutes.
  • Stop Fiend!
    • Had its levels reduced from 20 to 8
  • The Demon Hunter
    • Had its levels reduced from 20 to 10
  • The Well
    • Had its levels reduced from 19 to 6

Nerfs are never any fun so lets talk about gold dust changes for the daily lottery:

Gold Dust Lottery Changes

Every day at noon GMT-7 (American/Edmonton) time players have a chance to win 1 million (up from 10k) Gold dust. This is a 1/1,000,000 chance.

If you do not win the gold dust you will be rewarded between 1 and 100 gold dust every day.

Players who are logged in when it happens will see a seerver message indiciating how much dust they got.

Players who are not, will just see their gold dust increased for them next time they login.

That's all she wrote

That was a lot of changes! Tlessa is getting more and more well rounded. But do not fret, 1.1.10 will have a longer cycle before 1.1.11 is launched to introduce 4 new classes, new crafting and items as well as an event to prepare for 1.1.11 crafting automation.

There is also a secret project codenamed: Flare 2D which might make its way into the game as a "tech demo" in 1.1.11. More on that fun little project soon!

Until then my children! play on and level up! Tlessa only gets better with your input!

Version:, Balance on the Tight Rope, Published on: Dec 20 2021

Welcome back to Planes of Tlessa.

On the Journey too 1.1.10 we have a few bugs and balancing issues we need to solve. Lets get the bugs out of the way first:

  • God Dust is now properly spelt as Gold Dust.
  • Fixed: Missing Skill AC Modifier and Healing Modifier from Affix Description tabs.
  • Gold dust and Shards will now no longer go over the max of 2 billion each.
  • Fixed the Last Leg XP for Battles, that is characters 100 levels before the cap will now only get 10% of the total XP.

Now for the balancing changes:

  • Skill Damage, Ac and Healing Modifiers on enchantments will now take the best one instead of stacking them.

  • Base Damage, Ac and healing modifiers on enchantments will now take the best one instead of stacking them.

  • Skill XP and Bonuses will still stack as normal

  • Skill Bonus will never go over 100%

  • Quick Feet (Skill) Now effects the Movement timer for Traverse (min 1 second, max 10), Movement (directional) Timer (min 1 second, max 10), Teleport Timer (Min 1 Minute, Max is based on distance) and Set Sail Timer (Min 1 minute, Max is based on distance)

  • High end affixes have been nerfed and balanced.

  • Alchemy skill will now only go to level 200

  • Because of the Affix Rebalancing, characters - with extreme power - will see a power fall.

Now for the Additions:

  • New Affixes going to Roughly level 320 with the final set in 1.1.10
    • This includes low to high level Casting Accuracy Affixes which was missing.
  • New Alchemy Items up to level 120
    • Some items can increase specific stats as well as skills and stats.
    • Updated the Character boon modal, when you go to cancel a boon, to show these new stats.

Version:, Adventure Fixes and Artifacts, Published on: Dec 11 2021

Welcome back to Planes of Tlessa.

Today we have some minor changes but enough to bump out little patch version for 1.1.9

  • Adventures Rewards are now fixed
    • When a player completed an adventure and clicked the link to collect their rewards it would give them a 500 because of a database memory error that can happen when the attack logs are very very large.
      • This issue can still occur if you attempt to sort the table after doing a very long adventure (Ie, The Old keep) and will be fixed in 1.1.10
  • Adventure Skill XP now over flows properly rewarding multiple levels at a time where as before it would not.
  • Items placed into inventory sets for the adventure will now properly determine if the inventory set is equippable or not.
    • If you have items already in a set from an adventure and you know, from looking at it, that it cannot be equipped the only fix there is to empty the set.
    • If you have items in a set and then redo the adventure with out clearing that set or your inventory, we will find the NEXT empty set to store items in. This will be changed in 1.1.10 to allow you to pick an "over flow" set.
  • Items will now show some additional missing information as well as now the Devouring Darkness and Light modifiers.

New Artifacts

There are a ton of new artifacts that go into the craft only realm. These will not take you to 400, but at later levels, do introduce Devouring Darkness and Light modifiers as well as start mixing and matching effects.

These modifiers will stack with other modifiers including affixes and quest items.

Artifacts will go to a max level of 350 at a max cost of 6 billion.

Level 115 will see a 15 level jump to 130, from there, new Artifacts are unlocked roughly every 10 levels.

Version:, Attacks and Adventures, Published on: Nov 10 2021

Welcome back to another Planes of Tlessa Update!

This update focuses on fixing Adventure fights, Celestial Fights and Critter Fights. Lets go over some of these changes:

  • No longer do we include your primary damage stat, modded or unmodded in your weapon damage calculation. There are exceptions to this, keep reading.
  • Casters no longer miss with their class skill bonus, that is Double Cast will never miss.
  • Prophets can no longer cast (damage) when no damage spell equipped, but they and Rangers can still heal with no healing spell equipped.
  • Fighters use 5% of their strength with no weapon equipped while other classes only use 2% of their primary damage stat when attacking with no weapons (or spells for Heretic)
    • Prophets will use 30% of their CHR for healing with or with out spells
    • Rangers will use 15% of their CHR for healing, with or with out spells
  • Fighters and Thieves use 15% of their respective damage stats when using their weapons.
  • Attack button over haul: You won't notice anything accept Cast and Attack and Attack and cast colors are reversed. This makes it easier for characters who have the tool tips turned off, to know which is which. Red = Attack, Blue = Cast. If it's red on blue. thats Attack and Cast, if it's blue on red, thats Cast and Attack.
  • Vampires no longer use 5% of their dur when attacking with no weapons, now it's 2%
  • Adventure Attacks are more closely aligned with critter attacks and have had a overhaul to fix a variety of issues.
  • Alchemy, Crafting and Enchanting lists are now searchable.
  • Numbers on the front end (that is the game screen) have been squished, no longer will they read: 1,897,654,234, instead it will now read as 1.9B. The raw stats are still on the character screen.
  • Character class Docs have been redone in Tailwind and cleaned up as well as updated.
  • Combat docs have been cleaned up.
  • Attack Button Tool tips have been cleaned up to better explain things for new players.

There has been a variety of other changes and fixes but this is the meat of the patch.

Version:, Strength in Weakness, Published on: Nov 07 2021

Hello all and welcome back to another Planes of Tlessa release.

This release fixes some big issues with attack:

New Attack Formula.

There is a new attack formula that should make things a lot easier, even in the beginning of the game, although do check out the new additions to tips

This fixes Casters issues with being able to hit as well as fixing Attack and Cast and Cast and Attack.

Because of the way the new formula works, you high level characters in Shadow Plane might find your self, even in the best gear, having a hard time against some of the end critters. This was done intentionally not to nerf you, but you make you look at your gear. Now there are new Affixes that help with some of these harder battles.

New Affix Types:

There are two new types, you can see in the help docs.

  • Skill Reduction (Under: Effects Skills -> Skill Reduction (enemies)).
    • These do exactly what you think, they reduce all the enemies skills by a %. They do not stack.
  • Resistance Reduction (Under: Reduces Enemy Resistances)
    • These do exactly what you think, they reduce all the enemies resistances by a %. These do not stack.

These Affixes will be needed for higher level content. It is also suggested for high level players that they go after: Faithless scream of the Damned which can reduce enemy stats by 70% as well as resistances by 99%. (For 2.8 Billion Gold)

The Damage Boost and the Affix Damage do stack.

I am tracking who's online.

Planes of Tlessa has a lot of players who signed up, but a few of them have not been back in months, or even since it launched. Tlessa now tracks when you last logged in. Only I, The Creator, can see this. This will be used to weed out the players who haven't been on for a very long time.

The second phase to this is implementing an email system to email you that you haven't been on for 5 months, in the 6th month if you still haven't done anything about your account (as in logging in or logging in to delete the account, we will do it for you - in the same vien as the way characters delete their account).

Players will be given ample time to respond, should they so wish. You will recieve two email:

  • One at 5 months: Something like Hi you haven't logged in for a while ....
  • One at 6 months: Something like: Hi, we deleted your account due ton inactivity, you are always welcome to come back ...

The second phase will come in 1.1.10.

New Setting:

This comes from a reditor who suggested a way to turn off the popover for the attack types when fighting celestials and monsters. This can be enabled in the settings page, under the Auto Disenchanting. New Players should take a second to read them before disabling them.

You can read more about this at the bottom of Player Settings

Planes of Tlessa never intended to do a a.b.c.D release, however these issues around attack were causing some serious discomfort when attacking and using different types. Now players have to optimize their gear around their preferred attack type.

Version: 1.1.9, Shadows of Death, Published on: Oct 31 2021

1.1.9 Shadowy Depths

1.1.9 is here and it brings some major changes to the game. Changes that should make combat much more fun, engaging and a little more tactical.

1.1.9 changes a lot of things, from adventures, celestials, monsters, enchantments, new features, how you attack, gold dust, gold, slight kingdom updates and more ...

Let's go over a few of these. There will be links to the appropriate help doc pages below.

Attack has changed

in 1.1.8 and previous versions, you would select a monster and click attack. This attack would throw everything at the enemy. Now, we have five new attack types. When you hover over these in game, tool tips will tell you what they do. I would suggest reading the Combat docs and the Races and Classes section, specifically around your class.

The idea is this:

  • Attack: Uses with both weapons (fighters only) or best weapon equipped, followed by affixes, rings and artifacts.
    • Best for: Rangers and Vampire as well as Fighters and Thieves who Duel Wield.
  • Cast: Uses either both damage spells, both healing spells or one of each - what ever you have equipped for spells.
    • Heretics can cast with out spells at 32% of their int. With spells its 30% of their int on-top of their damage bonuses and spell damage.
    • Prophets who attack with damage spells will do so with: 15% of their chr or 2% with out a spell.
    • Prophets will heal at 30% of their chr on top of their healing spell.
    • Rangers will heal for 15% of their chr on top of their healing spell.
    • Vampires who use this attack have double the chance to fire off Vampire Thirst if their damage spell lands.
    • Best for: Heretic and Prophet (Prophet should have two damage spells and two shields with added dur enchantments on them)
  • Cast and Attack: Uses spell in spell slot one and weapon in left hand.
    • Best for Rangers with healing spell as, regardless which hand you put the bow in, it will be used for your attack.
    • Ok for Prophets with a weapon and a healing spell.
    • Ok for Thieves with a Weapon/Damage Spell/Heal Spell.
    • If your spell misses, you will fumble with the weapon. Even if you have a healing spell, which never misses.
      • If your spell hits, your weapon can be blocked/miss.
  • Cast and Attack: Reverse of the above. Use Spell in spell slot two and weapon in right hand.
  • Defend: Withstand damage, including spell damage. You have increased armour when you use this attack. Instead of attacking you will first fire off your affixes, rings, artifacts and then the enemy goes. During the enemy phase you have a higher chance to block their attack and their spells.

The order of attack is largely the same:

  • You attack
  • Enemy Attacks
  • If you are alive you use life stealing affixes (see enchanting) to heal.
    • If you are dead, we will resurrect you to one health, at which point any life stealing affixes you have will fire. If you are a vampire these will stack, if not, we use the best one you have.

Couple other notes:

  • Artifact damage has changed, we now take the first one at full strength damage and then use the second on at half strength.

  • Life stealing affixes will stack as such:

    first affix % * (summed amount of rest * 0.75)

    note: sum of the rest refers to not just summing the rest of the affixes but summing them at half strength. So if you have 14 10% life stealing enchantments your calc is:

    .10 * ((13 * 0.05) * 0.75)

    Vampires can steal a max of 99% of the enemies health. Life stealing affixes will also not fire at any time if the monsters health is below zero. That is if your weapon/spell would kill the creature your life stealing affixes will not fire, but the rest of your items will for (over kill). Life stealing affixes that do not have damage attached to them (such as some high end enchantments) are not considered kill enchantments. That is you cannot kill with life steal alone.

Monsters and Celestials

There are now 15 new monsters per plane. These are harder critters that make use of one of two new features: Devouring Light (voidance). Critters in the drop down, far down the list have a small chance to void you. We will go over that in a moment.

Celestials have been made harder, surface celestials are still easy while dungeons, The Child is near impossible without a special quest item called: Dead Kings Crown which makes use of the second new feature: Devouring Darkness (devoidance)

Monsters now drop more gold. Celestials cost in conjuration is much cheaper than it was before.

Voidance and Devoidance

Theres a new concept that you can read more in depth details about in the voidance/devoidance helps docs. essentially it works like this:

  • Devouring Light (Voidance): Some high level monsters have these (very low %) and celestials start with this at 50+%.
    • When an enemy voids you, you loose your modded stats, boons and any and all enchantments. This severely weakens Vampires who depend on Life stealing affixes to do large amounts of damage.
    • If you are voided you will know at the beginning of the battle, even if you die you will still be voided to that enemy. You can revive and switch enemies to remove the voidance.
      • The only place this does not hold true is Celestial Fights (they can void you per attack) and Adventures (each new monster is a new fight, but the concept applies that if you are voided for that monster you are voided for the entirety of that monsters fight.)
    • Some high level enchantments that cost 1 billion gold will have non stacking voidance on them.
      • If you void the enemy they cannot use enchantments.
    • If this fires on your turn an enemy can still void you.
  • Devouring Darkness (Devoidance): Only on quest items. There are few new Quest items that can increase devouring light. You have to upgrade them one at a time. Enemies cannot devoid you.
    • If this fires on your turn, the enemy cannot void you.

A Devouring Darkness Cancels a Devouring light, but a Devouring Light or Darkness cannot cancel them selves. That is you cannot void an enemies Devouring Darkness with your Devouring Darkness.

Devouring Darkness Quest Chain:

To get Devouring Darkness you need to follow a quest line that gets more and more expensive as you go. First you need to purchase the Creepy Baby Doll from The Soldier on surface for 25k Gold Dust.

Next you will need Labyrinth access and to speak to the Wondering Merchant to begin upgrading the item. The first item will make your (damaging) affixes irresistible, regardless of if they are already irresistible or not.

Upon upgrading you will get your first bit of voidance and devoidance. You can upgrade till you have 100% voidance and 85% devoidance.

Once a player has the dead kings crown they are considered top tier as nothing can hit them unless their devouring darkness does not fire.

These quest items will stack with voidance enchantments.

New enchantments

There are some new enchantments for all classes that help to progress your character. From low to high level enchants.

Some of the top tier enchants have what are called Stacking and Non Stacking attributes about them. This has been explained in the enchanting docs.

For example, one of these might increases your stats, give you life staling and a bit of non stacking Devouring Light.

If you are not a vampire the life stealing will not stack. If you are a vampire it will.

For other classes, the stacking aspect would be the stats, skill buffs and damage buffs. This means that while yes the voidance aspect of this enchant will not stack, depending on your class the life stealing might and regardless of class the stats/skills and other bonuses will stack.

These new high end enchants are considered end game goals for some as the damage you can output from having 14 of one and 14 of another is insanity.

Gold Rushes and Gold Dust Changes

Gold rushes have changed, they are now a 1/1000 chance to happen with half the bonus from the map and/or adventure.

Gold rushes now give you 10% of the current gold you have on hand. The more gold, the higher your gold rush when you do get one, characters can hold 2 trillion gold on them at one time.

For adventures it will be: Monster gold + Character Gold * 0.10. Where as for regular battles its Character Gold + Character Gold * .10 (you already were rewarded the monster gold before the gold rush - should you get one)

Gold Dust has changed slightly. Now there is a new Quest item, Grain of sand, which gives you a 25% chance every time you disenchant, to take your total gold dust and add the skill bonus of disenchanting to it as interest. Again, the higher the disenchanting and the more gold dust you have, the more you get when this fires.

Kingdom Treasury, Morale and Defence Changes

Kingdom treasury now allows you to deposit gold, up to the max amount a kingdom can have: 2 billion gold.

If a kingdom has 2 billion gold, they get a 100% extra defence towards buildings and units when being attacked.

If you withdraw any amount you loose the defence but a percentage of gold you took out. The way this new defence bonus is calculated is by taking the gold you have in the kingdom and dividing it by 2 billion.

If items are dropped on your kingdom and you have 2 billion gold then they will have their damage reduced by half of your defence bonus. In other words if you have gold and some defence bonus, half of it will be used to reduce the total damage to your kingdom.

Depositing gold increase morale (regardless of how low) by 15% per deposit regardless amount. Withdrawing any amount of gold reduces morale by 15% per withdraw.

There is a new skill to train: Lust for Gold. This has a max level of 999 and will provide up to ~100% interest at max level on-top of the interest your keep level/keep max level gives you. If you have no gold - on the hourly reset will give you 1 gold. Then every hour after that build interest on-top of that.

The Treasury calculation is: kingdom treas. + kingdom treas. * (keep level / keep max + Lust for Gold skill bonus)

New Plane: Shadow Plane

There are locations here, for later use. How ever there are no adventures and no celestials. You will have a to kill a Storm Giant in Dungeons to get the item to drop to be able to use traverse.

When players enter here a global message will go out as well as a more extended server message to tell you that you entered a place where monsters (even the weakest) are 25% stronger (including the Devouring Light). Your damage will be 25% less when you attack enemies.

There is a 50% XP boot and a 75% item drop rate down here.

Players are advised not to enter till they have some kind of voidance on them, be it an enchantment or quest item. This is considered the end game place to be. Characters can settle kingdoms and walk on water down here.

New Level Cap

There is an expensive quest item you can get after you achieve the first one. The first quest item drops off the Satanic Cult Leader and is called: Leather Sash. You then take this and 50k Gold Dust to Labyrinth to trade for the Sash of the Heavens which allows your character to level from 1000 to 3500 (new level cap). This new level cap will increase per month by 100 levels.

Characters with out the Sash of the Heavens will see their max level as 1000. Once you have the Sash, your max level will update on the character sheet and game screen to reflect the new current level cap.

Shop Comparison and Equipment Changes

Characters can now click compare in the shops. This will open a very similar window to equip screen. With this you can compare your equipment to what you want to buy, and choose to buy and replace.

Equipment, that of the equipped and/or an equipped set that is bought will just replace the item in that position. Bows will remove all weapons - or what ever you are holding your hands and equip the bow.

When equipping items from your inventory, the same concept is applied. We replace the item in the slot. This makes upgrading sets easier than before.

New characters can use the compare screen from the shop to quickly buy and equip starting gear.

If you have a set equipped we will take the item from the set and put it back into your inventory when equipping. If you have a set equipped and no room in the inventory you won't be able to "replace the item" either via equipping or the shop.

  • Note: New characters now start with 1000 gold to spend, see the new tips section of the help docs to help manage your early game money.

Adventure have changed

Adventures have changed such that now you have a chance to face off against multple enemies per floor. This means more items, more exp, skill exp and gold.

Skill exp and Exp it's self will roll over over with adventures. That is if you have 50 xp and your adventure would give you 150,

Thats 2 levels instantly. Same concept for skill exp.

Some adventures may have floor descriptions while others do not. This is a slow and stead process that wll happen over time for me to put in all the floor descriptions. As a result some Adventures amount of floors may change.

Each adventure will have its own unique floor descriptions to help flush out the world a little more lore wise and give you a sense of "I was just on an adventure"

These are the largest changes to the game. There are tons of bug fixes and tweaks through out. For example one of the new things I am starting to do going forward is switching from Bootstrap to Tailwind. You can see this in the new Monster page when veiwing details about a monster and then new Adventure Logs page.

As time goes on other pages will also change over to tailwind, which allows for a cleaner, more propfessional looking site.

Version: 1.1.8, Live Character Sheet and Affixes, Published on: Sep 26 2021

Welcome back to Planes of Tlessa.

1.1.8 is a large update, which is unusual for "patches". This patch is designed to flush out how attacks are done based on the items you have equipped, your class and the enemy you are fighting.

1.1.8 also brings with it the new Live Character Sheet - which, for those of you who play with your character sheet in a separate tab, is beneficial.

1.1.8 also brings a whole host of fixes, changes and minor tweaks here and there as well as some performance updates.

Lets jump right in shall we?

New Affixes and Affix Categories

If you look at the Enchanting help section and scroll past the Affix list, you'll see a new section that details these new Affix Types.

There are also a ton of new affixes, bringing the max level of enchanting to: 120 with a cost of: 150 Million Gold Per enchant.


  • Class Bonus - These increase you class bonus and cannot stack. We take the highest of all that you have.
  • Damage - These do damage, can be resisted (unless other wise stated) and cannot stack. We take the highest of the ones you have equipped.
  • Life Stealing - These can steal the enemies life and give it back to you. If you are a vampire these will stack and can fire twice. Once during your attack phase and once after the enemies attack phase assuming you, and the enemy are not dead. These can be resisted. If you are not a vampire these will not stack and will only fire after the enemy attack phase assuming you or the enemy are not dead.
  • Stat Reduction - These can and cannot stack. Prefixes that reduce all enemy stats will not stack, we will take the first one we find if you have multiple, regardless of - if it is better or not then the others. The suffixes can stack. These can be resisted and are applied at the beginning of your attack phase before the enemy stats are calculated, these can fire on each subsequent attack, but the first time is the only one that matters as it affects their starting health (for prefixes and dur reduction suffixes).
  • Entrancing - These do not stack and fire before you attempt to attack, unless resisted. If the enchantment is successful then the enemy, on your turn, cannot dodge or block but can still resist spells, affixes and artifacts.

As you might have noticed, all of these, with the exception of (some) damage based enchantments can be resisted by the enemy. There is a new quest called: The Creepy Doll that you can do by paying The Soldier 25k Gold Dust to get: The Creepy Baby Doll which makes all your affixes irresistible.

This is important for fighting celestials because:

  • All Monsters and Celestials can resist your affixes, spells and artifacts out right. Meaning these items and enchantments will do nothing.
  • Monsters (drop down list) all have the same resistances to spells/artifacts and affixes how ever their resistances are MUCH lower then Celestials who have a much higher chance to resist the further down the planes you travel (sur (slightly harder resistance) -> laby (moderate resistance) -> dun (much higher resistance))

This will all play a much more important role in 1.1.9 which will introduce a revamped attack section with more buttons then just "attack".

Live Character Sheet and Shop Changes

The character sheet is completely live now. Any time a skill updates or you equip items, or even gain a level - that character sheet will update in real time.

This will make managing your inventory and sets much easier.

This also means when you go to equip and item fro your inventory, the equip page will now open a new tab. You can open multiple tabs and equip multiple items - just be cautious around items that request a position, as, for example:

If you open two tabs with two rings and equip one, in one tab, the other tab will not update to show the equipped ring position. This is because the compare page (details on the page) is a already cached when you open it.

  • When you destroy you no longer get gold dust. Be careful of destroying enchanted items.
  • Disenchanting multiple items will now update the character sheet over time and update the chat section as well as show you a total of gold dust.
  • Disenchanting will now level enchanting. When you disenchant, your enchanting skill will get 50% of it's regular XP (after all applicable bonuses - including equipped items and quest items)
  • Disenchanting has been nerfed to give you between 2 and 10 gold dust + skill bonus interest.

The shop has also been updated. Now when you buy items the items will process in the background. You'll be given each item you can afford "over time" (few seconds - its a job that runs in the back ground). The chat will update to show you each item you purchased, as well as any failures to purchase an item or successes to purchase all selected items.

Your character sheet will also update in real time as each item comes in.

Quest item Fixes

Quest items, specifically those that can drop and be traded in is now fixed. A prime example is Weapon Smiths Book. There are a variety of ways to get this book, but you can trade it to The Witch in Labyrinth to get a upgraded version.

This lead to a bug where you could get multiple of these books and trade them all in and get multiple of these upgraded books. This has been fixed and duplicate quest items have been removed from all players.

If you have the: Weapon Smiths Book and the Weapons Smiths Master Book, you will loose the Weapon Smiths Book and any duplicates of the Master you have, so you only hav the one. If you do not have any upgraded versions, you will not loose anything.

PCT Chat Command Fixes

Those of you who have access to the /pct command when there are Celestials about, will now be able to use it on surface. There was a bug with the command not properly moving you to the right location - or at all.

Timeout issues with PCT are fixed, there is no time out with using this command.

New Quest items:

  • Creepy Baby Doll: "Makes your affixes irresistible to the enemy. (None of your affixes will be resisted)." (purchased from The Soldier (sur) for 25k Gold dust).
  • Disenchanters Magnifying Glass: "Increase your xp and skill bonus by 45%. Used automatically." (Purchased from The Soldier (sur) for 25k Gold Dust).
  • Alchemist Book: "Increase Alchemy XP and Skill bonus by 45%. Used automatically." (You should have alchemy unlocked if you are going for this). (Purchased from The Witch (laby) for 25k Gold Dust).

Other Bug Fixes:

  • Celestials that disappear will now use the right plane name in their global message.
  • Unit Movement has been fixed to allow long running jobs to happen. This allows you to send units over 4 Hours away with out fear of you loosing your units as the job "magically" vanished.
  • Quest items table now shows you the description of each quest item.
  • Gold Rushes are nerfed - they no longer use looting but do use map and adventure bonuses. These now reward up to 1 million+ gold.

And a whole host of others.

Performance updates:

There are some performance updates you should notice.

  • When attacking/crafting/enchanting - we send the timer value through the response right away and pass the rest off as a job that process in the background. This can mean you see the timer before you see the XP, Drops, Craft/Enchant Success/Failure. This was done to help mitigate the "You have been a busy bee." box.

This has not been applied to celestial fights but will be in 1.1.9. This also has not been applied to map movement (of any kind) as there isn't a huge issue there.

A look ahead and 1.1.9

A small look ahead is in order I say. Lets see whats coming. This is just the outline, the meat and bones will be in the next update. Because of how important 1.1.9 is for the planned automation (1.1.10-1.1.13) any bug fixes for 1.1.8 will be done as hot patches (meaning they will not increase the version number)

1.1.9 will bring three things to the table:

  • Kingdom logs will now act like adventure logs, the icon on the side will glow red when you have been attacked and bounce. The log will be highlighted in your logs report. You will also see a notification.
    • Kingdoms under attack (that you own) will turn into a new icon to indicate that you are under attack at that location.
    • Kingdom over view: View all your kingdoms and details - but you cannot manage them from here.
  • New Item Types will be introduced and expanded upon later with new "sub skills" of existing crafting skills that will be automatically levelled to half of what ever your current crafting skill is for weapons, armour and spells.
  • New Attack Buttons with icons. Each button with do a different type of attack instead of using throwing everything at the enemy. For example - attack would just use your weapons, artifacts, rings and affixes, while spells will only use spells and artifacts, affixes and rings.
    • New skills will be introduced that can be trained and will be important. For example Casters will no longer use accuracy, instead they will use Casting Accuracy. Critical Strikes will be introduced to help you do double the damage.
    • There will be: 5 total attack types.

This is just a sneak peak of 1.1.9. If you have feature ideas or requests for 1.1.9 (not bug reports) then feel free to post those in the discords #suggestions section and of course any bugs for 1.1.8 in #bugs.

1.1.9 makes way for a new class to be introduced, a special kind of class that does not use weapons to attack. Can you guess what it is? Let me know in the #general tab of discord if you think you know.

Version: 1.1.7, Inventory Fixes, Published on: Sep 14 2021

  • Issues where you could have two spells in your inventory set and it not be considered "equippable" has been fixed.
  • Issues with Item Equipping throwing 500 has also been fixed.
  • Issue with selling large amounts of items to the shop has been fixed.

Note: 1.1.8 will bring a new inventory system to handle the strain of disenchanting or using large amounts of items.

New Feature: Live Game Map Count

The game map count for all players will now update every second to let you know how many (logged in) players on what plane.

This number is seen on the map under: Characters on map, and is a live reflection of the current signed in count.

Version: 1.1.6, Minor Changes and QoL Imporvements, Published on: Sep 10 2021

Some slight bug fixes and changes were made to how the kingdoms update per hour.

  • Information Page for Quest items has been fixed.
  • When a character is enchanting, we will select the next item in their list - assuming they have any.
  • Fixed Quest Book list on the crafting information page.

New Chat Commands

Players can now type /pc and /pct to either find the location of a public Celestial Entity, if there are any, or to find and teleport, across planes, to said Celestial Entity for free, with a 10 second move time out.

In order to use /pct players must pay The Soldier 5000 Gold Dust. This is a new quest.

You can find chat commands in the information help section under Chat Commands.

New Quest and Item

There is a new quest for The Soldier on the Surface plane called: Hunting Expedition. To complete this quest, you just message him and he will take 5k Gold Dust from you and give you a new item called: Crystal Eye Glass, which allows you to use /pct command.

A small look ahead

Note: The ideas here are not completely flushed out, this is just an idea.

During the 1.1.x patch cycle a patch will come to change how you fight monsters both in Adventures, Celestials and Regular Fights.

This change is still being worked on but the idea is to add new buttons and ways to attack, for example:

  • Attack - Would now attack with both your weapons (+15% of strength (or +15% dex if bow)) + artifacts + rings
  • Spells - Would now attack with both your spells (+15% (int) for Damage Spells and +15% (chr) for healing spells) + artifacts + rings
  • Spell / Attack - Would Now cast your spell (+15% int/chr) in slot 1 and then attack (+15% str (or +15% dex if bow)) and then use rings and artifacts
  • Attack / Spell - Would attack (+15% str (or +15% dex if bow)), then cast spell (+15% int/chr) in slot two and then use rings and artifacts
  • Defend - Would increase AC by 25% of str making it hard for enemies to hit you, but reduce dodge % by 50% while firing off rings and artifacts.

Each one would be a separate button for when you got to attack the monster. Your class would apply a 10% bonus to the total damage for the appropriate attack type, IE if you were to click the Attack/Spell button as a heretic, that extra 10% is only applied to your spells.

This will introduce new skills:

  • Critical Strike: which uses the skill bonus percentage to determine not just if you get a critical strike but by how much extra. Ie: a damage of 200 with a Critical strike would do: (200 * 2) + 200 * skill bonus damage
  • Regeneration: At the end of the enemy attack if you are not dead, this will have a chance to fire, which is 10% of your dur, how ever this skill also effects your dur stat by adding the skill bonus to your durability. Thus the higher the level, the more durability you get to a max of ~100% extra dur at level 999. This will also trigger if you attack with spells and have healing spells equipped.

These skills would be for everyone.

This changes attack, so that now you do not have an attack button that just attacks with everything you have.

These buttons would apply to Celestial Fights and Regular Monster attacks while for adventures, players can choose an attack style or they can choose to "throw everything at the enemy" which would be the same as just clicking attack.

This will also introduce new Affixes that:

Introduce a new mechanic: Life stealing - will steal life when you attack, Mages Wrath - Increases spell damage % among others. This means that Affixes can also now fire on attacking.

These are just some ideas, some may come out before others. How ever this new mechanic of attacking provides a bit more depth, as now you have options on how you attack the enemy.

This also means enemies will have ben gone over to make sure they are still balanced over all. Some new mechanics to enemies such as charm and the ability for a player to avoid that or for enemies to annul your equipment will also be made to give some more depth to how attacks are preformed.

If you have thoughts, ideas or suggestions feel free to leave them in discord!

Version: 1.1.5, Crafting Fixes with Sets, Published on: Sep 07 2021

This release is just bug fixes:

  • Now when players enchant items, the selected prefix and suffix will not be forgotten.
  • Players who save crafting sets of items, will see the proper XP bonus and get the proper XP bonus per craft/enchant.