Planes of Tlessa

Version: 1.1.6, Minor Changes and QoL Imporvements, Published on: Sep 10 2021

Some slight bug fixes and changes were made to how the kingdoms update per hour.

  • Information Page for Quest items has been fixed.
  • When a character is enchanting, we will select the next item in their list - assuming they have any.
  • Fixed Quest Book list on the crafting information page.

New Chat Commands

Players can now type /pc and /pct to either find the location of a public Celestial Entity, if there are any, or to find and teleport, across planes, to said Celestial Entity for free, with a 10 second move time out.

In order to use /pct players must pay The Soldier 5000 Gold Dust. This is a new quest.

You can find chat commands in the information help section under Chat Commands.

New Quest and Item

There is a new quest for The Soldier on the Surface plane called: Hunting Expedition. To complete this quest, you just message him and he will take 5k Gold Dust from you and give you a new item called: Crystal Eye Glass, which allows you to use /pct command.

A small look ahead

Note: The ideas here are not completely flushed out, this is just an idea.

During the 1.1.x patch cycle a patch will come to change how you fight monsters both in Adventures, Celestials and Regular Fights.

This change is still being worked on but the idea is to add new buttons and ways to attack, for example:

  • Attack - Would now attack with both your weapons (+15% of strength (or +15% dex if bow)) + artifacts + rings
  • Spells - Would now attack with both your spells (+15% (int) for Damage Spells and +15% (chr) for healing spells) + artifacts + rings
  • Spell / Attack - Would Now cast your spell (+15% int/chr) in slot 1 and then attack (+15% str (or +15% dex if bow)) and then use rings and artifacts
  • Attack / Spell - Would attack (+15% str (or +15% dex if bow)), then cast spell (+15% int/chr) in slot two and then use rings and artifacts
  • Defend - Would increase AC by 25% of str making it hard for enemies to hit you, but reduce dodge % by 50% while firing off rings and artifacts.

Each one would be a separate button for when you got to attack the monster. Your class would apply a 10% bonus to the total damage for the appropriate attack type, IE if you were to click the Attack/Spell button as a heretic, that extra 10% is only applied to your spells.

This will introduce new skills:

  • Critical Strike: which uses the skill bonus percentage to determine not just if you get a critical strike but by how much extra. Ie: a damage of 200 with a Critical strike would do: (200 * 2) + 200 * skill bonus damage
  • Regeneration: At the end of the enemy attack if you are not dead, this will have a chance to fire, which is 10% of your dur, how ever this skill also effects your dur stat by adding the skill bonus to your durability. Thus the higher the level, the more durability you get to a max of ~100% extra dur at level 999. This will also trigger if you attack with spells and have healing spells equipped.

These skills would be for everyone.

This changes attack, so that now you do not have an attack button that just attacks with everything you have.

These buttons would apply to Celestial Fights and Regular Monster attacks while for adventures, players can choose an attack style or they can choose to "throw everything at the enemy" which would be the same as just clicking attack.

This will also introduce new Affixes that:

Introduce a new mechanic: Life stealing - will steal life when you attack, Mages Wrath - Increases spell damage % among others. This means that Affixes can also now fire on attacking.

These are just some ideas, some may come out before others. How ever this new mechanic of attacking provides a bit more depth, as now you have options on how you attack the enemy.

This also means enemies will have ben gone over to make sure they are still balanced over all. Some new mechanics to enemies such as charm and the ability for a player to avoid that or for enemies to annul your equipment will also be made to give some more depth to how attacks are preformed.

If you have thoughts, ideas or suggestions feel free to leave them in discord!

Version: 1.1.5, Crafting Fixes with Sets, Published on: Sep 07 2021

This release is just bug fixes:

  • Now when players enchant items, the selected prefix and suffix will not be forgotten.
  • Players who save crafting sets of items, will see the proper XP bonus and get the proper XP bonus per craft/enchant.

Version: 1.1.4, Weekly Event!, Published on: Sep 06 2021

There is a new weekly event that will trigger every Wednesday at 1pm America/Edmonton time. A global message will go out when it triggers and for an entire day, there is a 80% chance for Celestials to spawn when characters move around the map. These entities can spawn on any plane at any location, so make sure you have the planes unlocked and your quest items to walk on water, both in surface and dungeons.

Market board changes

  • When players go to list an item, edit a listing or view an item they will ow see a much better layout of information for the item.

Inventory Sets bug

  • There was an issue where you could put, for example 3 damage spells into an inventory set and it was still considered equipable. This has been fixed.

Version: 1.1.3, Daily Gold Dust Lotto!, Published on: Sep 06 2021

This update fixes crafting and enchanting and rebalances the books associated.

  • Base books you find on surface will only give you 25% more XP and 15% Bonus.
  • Crafting and Enchanting check is now skill bonus + your roll (between 1, 400) > dc check of between 1, 400 (enchanting can add an additional amount for "dc increase" but will never go above 399)
  • If your crafting/enchanting is over 100% you will instantly craft the item and get XP as long as the item or enchantment is not trivial for you. (crafting list can be found here and enchanting list here

Gold Dust Lottery

Every day at 12:00pm America/Edmonton time a new event will fire. One player has the chance to win 10k Gold dust while the rest get between 1, 1000 gold dust.

Players do not have to do anything to get the reward. If you are logged in and the timer hits, you'll see a message popup in chat.

Gold Dust Changes

When players disenchant, they're skill now plays a bigger role:

  • If you are successful you will get between 30 and 1000 gold dust per item + your skill bonus. The higher the skill bonus, the higher the amount of gold dust.

Version: 1.1.2, Bugs and Squashing, Published on: Sep 05 2021

This release fixes two bugs:

  • Admin chat not works properly.
  • Market board now loads properly.

Version: 1.1.1, Class Bonuses, Published on: Sep 04 2021

Welcome back to Planes of Tlessa. Today we have a new feature apart of the 1.1.x patch cycle called Class Bonuses.

Class Bonuses

Every class has a chance at firing off a bonus. Thee bonuses can do different things based on the class and all, with the exception of vampires, have restrictions. You can read more in the help docs for classes. Just click on the class for your character or head to your character sheet.

Essentially every class, with the exception of vampires has a 5% chance to:

  • Fighters will do Modded Attack + 5% of modded attack as long as they have a weapon equipped. Weapon Damage only.
  • Thieves will dance around the enemy and attack them - they hit automatically (spells, artifacts, weapons - everything) - with out being dodged, but can still be blocked. Must have two weapons equipped.
  • Rangers will do three additional attacks as long as they have a bow equipped and cannot be blocked or dodged.
  • Prophets will fire their healing spells again, must have a healing spell equipped. Can fire on resurrection.
  • Heretics will fire their damage spell again, must have a damage spell equipped. Spell evasion does apply.
  • Vampires: Upon landing a successful attack, regardless of equipment, you will do an addition 5% of your dur in damage.

Other Fixes

  • Kingdoms will now give proper population per hour based on morale, please refer to the kingdoms help docs.

Version: 1.1.0, The Gates Open, Published on: Sep 03 2021

Welcome back to Planes of Tlessa. I am so excited to announce the release of 1.1.0

This release brings a lot of new features, fixes to existing features and new items, skills, stats and so much more. Tlessa is continuing to evolve and grow and I am happy to have you along side me.

NPC's and Quests

There are now Npc's and Quests that players can participate in.

Npc's are entities that you interact with via the chat typing in, or copy and pasting, their exact commands.

Npc's can do one of three things: Conjure, Quest and Hold Kingdoms.

Npc's who can conjure or are involved in quests, requires you to be at their location to interact with them. If you don't know where they are you can type in their command and they will tell you where they are located (and which plane).

The only NPC who does not require you to be at their location and works across planes is The Kingdom Holder, other wise known as: The Old Man.

There are a variety of NPC's across planes, some deal with quests and some deal with conjuring Celestial Entities.

Celestial Entities

Players can now challenge them selves and participate in a competitive Monster Fights with these special creatures that have a very small chance to spawn on their own via the characters on the map moving around (teleport, set sail and regular movement can potentially spawn a Celestial.)

Celestial Entities can be fought by any one, including multiple players. The Celestial Entities get harder and cost more to conjure as you traverse the planes. For example the Celestials in Labyrinth plane are harder then those on surface, while Dungeons (new plane) are eve harder still.

Each plane has its own set of rewards that get better the further down you go.

These can be conjured either privately or publicly.

To earn the rewards you and only you, no shared rewards must kill the creature. Hence the competitive nature.

Spell Evasion and Artifact Annulment

Players who equip rings can now raise their spell evasion and artifact annulment stats on their character sheet. While this won't mean anything against regular critters, Celestial Entities can Reduce the spell damage you do and your artifact damage.

How ever, with rings equipped, yes they will still reduce your damage, but you can also reduce theirs. The higher your evasion/annulment, the less damage they can do. Over a 100% means they will never do damage with spells and artifacts.

New Currencies

Players can now earn two additional types of currencies. One is Gold Dust and the other is Shards.

Gold Dust is required in conjunction with Gold to conjure Celestial Entities.

Shards and Gold Dust are used in Alchemy to create usable items that can be used on your self or dropped on kingdoms to do damage.

Gold Dust is earned via Disenchanting, while Shards are only earned by killing Celestials.


Players can now unlock a new skill called Alchemy. When you open your character sheet, you will see a new skill that is locked. Clicking on this will tell you the quest to complete to unlock it.

Once unlocked the player can now use Alchemy under craft/enchant to create usable items. These items can be sold on the market, do not drop and cannot be bought from the shop.

Note: The Level for Alchemy is 400, how ever there are not enough items to get you there. More will be added in time.

Items and Kingdoms

Players who unlocked alchemy can now craft special usable items that can only be dropped on kingdoms.

These can do a lot of damage - when a lot of them are used together. You can only use these items when you are attacking a kingdom.

Note: It is fair game and not against the rules for a player to just walk around dropping these.

Players will also now get a log when an item is dropped on the kingdom.

Players will also now see enemy data in their attack logs. Clicking on this will either tell you the damage you did to the kingdom you attacked, minus morale. Or the damage you did to attacking units. This is a separate tab on the log it's self.

Kingdoms have also been updated to max the unit cap at 100k for every unit and max the treasury at 4 Billion Gold.

Kingdoms now also gain interest on their treasury gained per hour at a rate of Keep Current Level / Keep Max Level * 100.

NPC Kingdom Holder

Players will now notice that if they do not walk their kingdoms for 5 days, on the 6th day their kingdom will loose morale every hour until the NPC takes it.

At which point a player may walk up to that kingdom, message the NPC responsible for holding the kingdoms and pay the cost (if they have a kingdom) and then be given the kingdom.

Items do not damage the morale of a kingdom directly, they damage buildings that if reduced to 0, then effect the morale. Players still have to send in settlers to further reduce morale and then take the kingdom.

Players may also wage war on these kingdoms to take them by force.

If the NPC kingdom is not touched for 5 days after it is taken, it will disappear from the map.


Disenchanting is a new skill and the only way of getting gold dust. Both Destroy and Disenchant actions will destroy the item.

For disenchanting, the higher your skill, the higher the chance to successfully disenchant and thus get between 1-150 gold dust per item or 1 if you fail.

This skill is leveled as you disenchant items

For destroying, you only get between 1-25 Gold Dust.

Class Skills and New Stats

Every class in the game now has a class skill, this skill can increase: Base Damage Modifier, Healing Modifier, Fight Timeout Modifier, Base AC Modifier or a combination.

Every class skill with the exception of vampires has a restriction on how their skill bonuses get applied. For example, Fighters need both Weapon and Shield to get both AC and Damage Bonus as they level the skill, or two weapons to get the attack, or a shield (or two) to get just the ac bonus.

Each class skill can be seen by visiting: Races and Classes help documentation and clicking on your class to see your specific skill.

There are now two new stats: Agility and Focus.

Agility is used for Rangers and Thieves and is their To Hit Stat. While they still use Dexterity for damage.

Focus is used for Prophets and Heretics to be used as their to hit stat, while they still use CHR and INT for damage respectively.

Weapons will not increase Agility or Focus - but Armour will. Bows will increase Agility and Dexterity, while spells will increase Focus.

Craft Only Sets and Bows

There are four new sets for players who's skill level in the appropriate crafting skill is in the 200's

These cannot be bought from the shop, do not drop and can be sold on the market (with affixes attached). They start at 2.1 Billion Gold and go to 2.4 Billion Gold.

Bows are a new weapon type designed for Rangers. Thieves would benefit, but their class skill requires them to duel wield two weapons. Bows cannot be duel wielded. They are held in both hands. You may pick which ever hand.

Bows only increase AGI and DEX as well as Fight Time Out Modifier (applies to all skills that affect the Fight Time Out Modifier).


Healing spells now have a chance to resurrect you in battle. Prophets are the only class that get an automatic 5% towards their Resurrection chance. You can see this chance on your character sheet.

Having two healing spells equipped will stack this bonus.


Monsters have been re-balanced so that players in top tier shop gear can make it down to the bottom of the critter list and be able to take on some surface celestials.

Players will be able to make it most of the way down Labyrinth and Dungeons critter list with the shop gear.

Note: This assumes there are no affixes attached.

Dungeons (new plane)

Dungeons is a new plane with a new type of water. Players will have to kill a celestial on surface to get the quest item to then turn into the Dungeon Master NPC on Labyrinth. Players will have to speak to him twice to turn in the quest item you got from the celestial and then again to turn in the item he gave you to get the final item.

Players will need to kill a critter in Dungeons to get the Quest item to walk on Dungeons water.

Dungeons also has the longest set of adventures ranging form 30 minutes to over an hour.

Inventory Changes

Inventory now has something called sets.

You will also see your inventory is split into multiple tabs now:

  • Inventory - Hold weapons and Armour (counts towards inventory max)
  • Equipped - Holds equipped items (does not count towards inventory max)
  • Sets - Holds ten tabs worth of items, can be equipped if it follows the set rules other wise it is treated as a unlimited stash tab.
    • These do not count towards inventory max.
  • Usable Items - Holds your usable items (counts towards inventory max)
  • Quest Items - Hold Quest items (does not count towards inventory max)

Sets allow a character to save equipped items as a set to quickly equip it later. Sets cannot be mixed and matched or have non set items equipped along side them. It's one or the other when equipping. For example, if you try and equip any item while a set is equipped, we will remove the whole set and equip just that item.

Sets can be quickly equipped, if it follows the set rules by going to the set tab and clicking: Equip Set

It is suggested that players equip the items they want as a set and then click: Save as set in the equipped section. To unequipped a set either equip a non set item, another set or click Unequipped All from the from equipped tab.

Players can move items from their inventory (only) into sets. You can even empty a set, assuming you have the space.

There is no limit on how many items you can have in a set.

And so much more ...

There are so many other changes that have come to Tlessa. Small fixes, tweaks to the UI, the map will now be in the center of the screen, under actions, when the window size is less then 1920 px's wide. You can even open and close the map.

Other changes include:

  • Seeing more verbose messages for attacking. This also applies to adventures.
  • Planes now have bonuses from just being on them, XP, Skill XP and Drop rate chance bonuses. These only apply to non surface plane locations. Check out the new planes documentation for more info.
  • Players can now head to settings and delete their account, upon doing so all your kingdoms, across all planes, are handed to the NPC Kingdom Holder, your market listings are deleted, your character is deleted and your user account containing your email and password are also deleted. You will receive one final email confirming this is done.

Version: 1.0.23, Kingdoms and Breakpoints, Published on: Jul 22 2021

Welcome back to another Planes of Tlessa update.

Todays bugs are simple, but - it comes with a caveat for one of them. Lets start simple:

  • Kingdoms on surface can now be settled on top of kingdoms in labyrinth. That is, if at x/y on surface there would be a kingdom at the same location as on labyrinth, you can now settle there instead of getting a error about not being able to settle there.
  • When attacking kingdoms on surface there was an issue where if there was a labyrinth kingdom under the surface kingdom (that is same location on labyrinth plane) the attack would go across planes. This is fixed now so that surface kingdoms, get attacked when targeted.

Now for the tricky bit.

Bootstrap is an annoying pain in my ass when it comes to break points. Not every one plays on large monitors (1920+) Some have monitors, for example that are 1366 (which is what this fixes).

These are the following break points (width wise) that the game plays nice in:

$grid-breakpoints: (
  xs: 0,
  sm: 576px,
  md: 768px,
  lg: 992px,
  xl: 1200px,
  xxl: 1366px,
  xxxl: 1920px

If Your browser screen size falls between any of these, please state the monitor resolution in the bugs section of the discord channel

As you can see, up to xl, bootstrap doesn't play nice with "in betweens" which a lot of people tend to do, for one reason or the other. Tail wind offers some nice ways to handle this but alas that won't be till 2.0

Version: 1.0.22, Slight Fixes, Published on: Jul 17 2021

  • Slight fix to enchanting: We only remove gold once instead of twice and we will give you your gold back is there's an issue on the server that causes an error.
  • Skills: Skills will now give you the full bonus applied to a base of 5. Skill xp Formula is now:
5 * $totalBonus;

// where totalBonus is comprised of:

- $xpTowards: How much xp are you putting towards (for training only, crafting, enchanting and soon alchemy will have this at 0.
- $skill->skill_training_bonus: Your total skill training bonus
- $adventureBonus: If you are currently training a skill and doing an adventure, that adventure bonus will be applied.

This will affect all skills.

Note: Crafting and Enchanting do not make use of xpTowards or advenureBonus.

Version: 1.0.21, Crafting Changes and Item Prices, Published on: Jul 16 2021

Don't be alarmed! Crafting and enchanting still work exactly as you would expect.

  • Items, with the exception of artifacts, are all pared - there are 33 weapons, armour (all pieces), spells (both types) and rings. These all top out at 2 billion gold and can all be bought from the shop and or crafted. Some of these might move the appropriate crafting skill to 230-250.
  • Items with attached affixes have had their prices adjusted as well, since they are not references, but duplicate items.

Crafting + Enchanting (and Future Alchemy)

These skills required you, currently, to spend a disgusting amount of gold, so I have changed how crafting works - slightly:

  • Crafting is still random, but: the roll is now between 0 - 100 and not 0 - 400 + bonuses.
  • If bonuses exceed 1.0 (100%) then the craft is a success. This should make crafting gear more valuable.
  • This make you have more success, with a few failures (if you have no crafting gear) but should see levels go up quicker, thus spending less gold.

The above Info applies to:

  • All Crafting Skill
  • Enchanting
  • 1.1's Alchemy Skill

There are also a few new items to round out the items so that each type has 33.


  • All monsters will drop more gold across both surface and labyrinth, capping out at 6k per kill on the hardest monster for each plane.
  • Labyrinth monsters (for the first levels have been weakened to allow easier entrance)