All the features, none of the cost!

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Character Development

These features help you to develop your character in the world of Tlessa.

Various Races and Clases!

Choose a race for your character and choose a starting class! Races and classes when paired together can give good bonuses towards stats!

Switch Classes and Learn Special Abilities!

With class ranks, you can level other classes, learn their special abilities and mix and match. Some classes can only be unlocked through the Class Rank system!


Reincarnate your character to set their level back to one, but keep all the skills and stats. Make your self powerful as you re-level and gain more stats! Reincarnate multipletimes to gain more and more power!

Level Skills

Level your character skills to get better at Attacking, Dodgeing, and even unleash special attacks on monsters!

Class Skills

Every class in the game has a special skill, which when leveled will unleash a special attack.


There is avariety if weapons, armours, rings, spells and so on that you can craft, buy, earn and find through various events, battling, raiding and questing! Outfit your character today!

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World of Exploration

These are the features that help you explore the world


Quests allow you to progress your character futrther and unlock features gated behind the quest system. You can also use quests to unlock the various planes!


Traverse from the Surface world to the various other planes and fight new and fearsome monsters! Advance your character and the story with the various quests on each plane


Visit tons of locations for quest items, fight harder monsters for specific quest items and drops!


Fight monsters to find magical items, gain exp and currencies! Some locations have harder monsters, some planes while weakening you will buff the monster.


Monsters stronger then the ones that roam the land! You can conjure them and they have a specific times when they spawn more easily for players to hunt for valuable shards!


Specific events will corrupt locations on one plane causing a new list of super strong creatures and a special one for all players to try and take down together: Raid Bosses! Players gain epic loot and new Gear peices you cant find anywhere!


Players can earn powerful items simply by killing creatures on the Plane they are currently on. Earning faction points will gain you notoriety with the plane you are on!

Faction Loyalty

Once a player maxes out their Faction with a plane, they can then Pledge and assist an NPC with their Bounty and Crafting tasks.


Players can participate in various types of events, either weekly, monthly or special events like raids or The Winter Event.

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Character Progression For Days!

Grow your character through various means!


Players can craft items well beyond what they can purchase in the shop for even more power.


Enchant items to give your gear even more powers, boost your stats, deal damage and weaken your enemy all while trapping tehm in your web of magics!


Earn Uniques through Factions, but also purchase them from the Queen of Hearts. These are more powerful then the best enchantment, and only get better the more gold spend!


The most powerful of enchantments is the Mythic! Dwelve deep into the depths of purgatory dungeons or even participate in monthly PVP to have a chance to win one of these!


Craft usable items that you can drop on your enemies kingdoms or even use on your self to make your self even stronger for a limited time!

Gem Crafting/Sockets

Craft gems to then apply to gear you assign sockets to in order to increase your Elemental Atonement for Raids!


The deeper you dwelve, the harder they hit. Protect your self child from ambushes and counters! help your self to counter and ambush the enemy! Crafting trinkets will help with this!

Holy Items

Using the power of alchemy, you can create and then apply Holy Oils which help increase your damage, healing and other aspects of your character!

Ancestral Items

Particpta ein raids and kill the Raid Boss to earn your self the most powerful of legendary items! Ancestral items come with their own skill tree that con be leveled over time to give your character even more power!

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And more features then you can count!

Endless possiblilities, hours of fun, nothing but time, not even money can make you better, stronger or more prepared for the stronger challenges ahead.