Adventures in Tlessa can only be triggered by being on a specific location that has an adventure.

For example, you might be at a port and see the Adventure button under the map or at a ruin and see the Adventure button.

Locations on the map can be clicked on and show you the location data including any adventures that specific location has.

Below you can see a current list of all adventures in the game.

The more floors an adventure has the more time an adventure takes to complete.

Per Page:  
Name Total Levels Tme Per Level Gold rush chance Item find chance Skill XP Bonus
Astral Beings 8 5 Minutes 7% 6% 4%
Beast of the halls 8 2 Minutes 2% 10% 3%
Cave of Treasure 30 2 Minutes 50% 50% 25%
Caves by the cliffs 12 3 Minutes 3% 4% 4%
Center of Town 12 3 Minutes 10% 10% 10%
Crossing the river 38 5 Minutes 20% 10% 15%
Cults and Dragons 18 3 Minutes 10% 5% 5%
Dark Faith 25 3 Minutes 12% 10% 10%
Deaths Water 25 6 Minutes 30% 30% 32%
Faceless Man and The Demon Prince 16 3 Minutes 3% 8% 5%
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Adventuring in Tlessa

When you are ready to begin your adventure and you on a location, you can click the Adventure button below the map (assuming that location has an adventure). This will popup another window underneath actions that then allows you to select which adventure, as well as see details about that adventure.


The same details you saw from clicking on an adventure above, is the same details you'll see in game.

Information about adventures

Lets go over some basics.

  • Adventures have a set number of levels, this is then multiplied by the time per level to give you the total time.
    • The longer the adventure, the greater the chance for random items, quest items from monsters and gold rushes.
  • Adventures can give bonuses to your chance at a gold rush, finding items and training skills. These are calculated at the end of each successful floor.
    • You can see this in the adventure details for each adventure at that specific location.
    • Some adventures may even give exp bonuses.

Adventures come with a set of monsters, these are picked at random per floor. So even though you do the same adventure 5 times (more on that later), the monsters per floor are always randomly picked.

Some adventures come with rewards. These rewards are rewarded once and only once on a successful completion of all levels of the adventure.

Embarking on the adventure.

Note: In order to embark on an adventure you must be able to fight and move. You can have a timer running and embark on adventure for crafting and enchanting however.

Now that you have a basics of what adventures offer, how does one go about it?

Clicking embark will set off the adventure. You will only be allowed to go on one adventure at a time. If your adventure completes successfully, you will not be able to embark on another adventure until you have collected your rewards.

When you embark on the adventure you can't:

  • Move
  • Fight
  • Craft/Enchant
  • Buy/Sell - from either the shop or market board (you're considered busy)
  • Train skills
  • Equip items/unequip items
  • Destroy items
  • Manage your kingdoms

You can at any time cancel the adventure. This will not give you any rewards. How ever, in the event your kingdoms come under attack, you might want to cancel that long running adventure. Learn more in Kingdoms section of the guide.

I cannot stay logged in, what if I leave?

Don't worry, go about your day, do your thing, we got you.

Your adventure will continue to progress in the background and if you are not logged in when it completes, be it successful or otherwise, you will get an email. of course you can always turn this functionality off in your setting page.

Finished Adventures.

When you finish an adventure, be it successful or failure, you will see a notification at the top of the screen and a message in chat. The side bar will also glow green on the adventures icon.

Clicking on it will allow you to see the rewards for the adventure.


As mentioned before, if you are not logged in, you will receive an email. You can always turn this off if you are not wanting to receive emails. You will not receive this email if you are logged in.

When you view your rewards, you will see all the rewards that you have gained.

This includes, a sum total of xp, gold, skill xp and items as well as the adventures reward.

To collect these rewards - simply click the collect button as shown in the below image:

[missing image]

Failing the adventure gives you no rewards.

Doesn't matter where you died in the adventure be it level one or level ten. You have died and its assumed you were robbed of all the treasures that you had found.

The adventure took to long.

This can happen in some instances where you, and the enemy have bad RNG, and you either both miss, both block - over and over again. To solve this issue we only allow the floor to take so long, ten rounds at most. If all the floors in the adventure "take too long" then you essentially bail out of that floor. This can also result in no rewards as you never defeated your foe.


Should you encounter adventures that take too long, check out the monsters, and their stats involved and compare hem to yours. two things might be happening, one: your gear and stats are too closely aligned - did you have something that boosts that dexterity higher?

Repeating Adventures

You can repeat adventures over and over again as much as you like. You will however only receive the quest reward item once if that adventure has one.

Canceling Adventures

At anytime during the adventuring process you can cancel the adventure. You will not get any rewards.