Tips for New Players

The first tip I can give you is to Take your time. You are not going to get anywhere fast in this game. It takes time, dedication and commitment. With that, lets get into some basic tips:

Early Game is going to be slow

Early game will be a bit difficult, not impossible, just a bit harder. You are basically naked wondering around trying to kill things. Later on, below, I have a small leveling tip for you.

As you progress and are able to buy or make better equipment, the game get easier to progress through. Take your time and focus on what you can kill to start.

Maximize the gold you start with


Do not use the rusty dagger you are equipped with. Chances are you will not hit anything, or if you can, you won't do enough damage to effectively kill it in one hit.

When you start, you start with one thousand gold. This should be enough for you to equip any class with:

  • 1 body armour (250-500 gold)
  • 1 or 2 weapons
  • 1 ring
  • 1 artifact

If you are a caster go with the one weapon, one shield as shields will increase your dur, thus your health.

Next, as you progress - upgrade and add pieces. Don't worry about spells for casters until you train your Casting Accuracy skill to about level 5. Focus on Armour for upgrading - specifically body since it gives you the most increase.

Slaughter in on hit!

Are you working your way down the list? Find a creature that takes you two hits? Back up a second. To maximize tour time and efficiency at farming xp and other things, make sure you can kill the creature in one hit. The faster it dies, the faster you get to attack again, which means the faster you make gold, find items, train skills and level up.

Do not settle a kingdom yet.

See Kingdoms. Your first kingdom is free to settle. Your next and every one after is your total kingdoms * 10k gold. If someone takes your kingdom, you can settle another one right away.

You cannot settle with in one square of any port (blue ship icon) or location (pink arches) on the map. This to allow new players to see locations when the map gets busy.

Wait until you are capable of doing all the adventures at Smugglers Port (see locations and adventures) without dying.

At this point, casters should be using their casting attacks while other classes should be settling in to their role. Next comes the kingdom aspect.

Settle one kingdom and put all your gold into its treasury. Caution, players on the hunt for rich kingdoms so keep an eye onn the interest gained and focus on leveling the farm, the keep and the resource buildings till the keep is about level 10. Feel free to level other buildings and units as well, but your priority is:

  • Keep
  • Farm
  • Resource
  • Anything else.

At that point you'll get 10% of your kingdom treasury per hour on top of your treasury. There is a skill called Lust for Gold that can increase this, but do not worry about that till you at least level 100 or have access to Labyrinth. Which ever comes first.

At that point, if you are a caster, switch over for a bit to Lust for Gold and level it up a bit, it's skill bonus is applied to your kingdoms' treasury every hour on top of your keeps level bonus.

Learn your class

The races and classes documentation goes over all the races and classes. Each class has its own tips and tricks for optimizing your class.

Do not try and master all the skills (at first)

There are a lot of skills to level, and they have variable XP each time they level up. Some have large levels like 999 and others, such as Crafting have a more manageable level of 400.

For starters, focus on your class skill, starting around level 3 or so. This is when you should start training either Accuracy or Casting Accuracy to about level 5 and then switch to your class skill and bounce back and forth till each is about level 50 before moving on. Of course some players like to craft/enchant while fighting and training skills. This can help to level multiple skills at once.

At the end of the day, if you feel overwhelmed, look your class and determine its preferred skill (Accuracy or Casting Accuracy) and what it's class skill is, and focus on those.

Gear for your class

Armour is the only gear that will increase all of your stats, while shields will increase dur, weapons increase str and dex and bows dex and agility. Finally, spells will increase int/focus or chr/focus.

There are a variety of enchantments for you to apply to weapons and armour. You should take a moment to learn how combat works in game and then choose enchantments based on your preferred attack style.

With that said - Casters should ...

In the beginning of the game, casters will want at least one good weapon and a good shield. You should then get a good body followed by one or two damage spells. if you have enough gold left over, try and get either a good ring or a good artifact.

You will then want to try and kill something to at least Moss Covered Skeleton before focusing on your Casting Accuracy skill (I would only go as high as 10% xp).

Chances are your spells will always miss to start, specifically damaging spells - the healing spells will never miss. So attack with your weapon for now.

Once you are reliably hitting with your spells, move over to casting as opposed to either cast and attack, attack and cast or attack.

Casters are the hardest class to get going with early game, but like Vampires they can become glass cannon powerhouses of damage.


This approach will work for Prophets, but as you go on you might want to one damage spell and one healing spell or a good weapon and two healing spells to use Cast and Attack or Attack and cast.

Set goals for your self

The early game is going to be hard, you might only be able to kill one or two creatures. Your first goal should be getting enough gold to outfit your self with some decent gear from the shop.

To do this, start by using the 250 gold you have to equip some slightly better equipment. Then work your way down the list, you probably won't get further than Goblin. That's ok - make sure you can kill it in one or two shots. Next head over to Smugglers Port a Location and do the adventure Smugglers Port.

You should get some items from doing the adventure, compare them against what you have and make adjustments.

Now that you have some gold and some experience, time to think about what you want to do.

Try to set realistic goals. There is a lot to do in Tessa, and it will take you some time to get up there to do a lot of it.

For example if you would like to get more experience and drops you should work your way down to Dungeons plane through doing a series of Quests and killing some harder creatures to get the drops to complete the appropriate quests.

Do not try and max your skills before you are max level.

There are two max levels in this game. One is 1000, and the other is (at the time of this writing) 3500 which increases 100 levels per month.

To get the second level cap you have to Kill a Satanic Cult Leader to get a Leather Sash. You then need Labyrinth Access to trade it to the Labyrinth Weaver, and he will give you a new sash that lets you continue leveling. Without you are limited to level 1000 and limited in power.

The idea is to focus on your leveling and maybe one other skill depending on your class (Accuracy or Casting Accuracy) while you level to max level. Along the way you might want to craft your own gear if you have the funds.

Doing this will raise your crafting levels and as you enchant the items and later disenchant them, your gold dust which is used to purchase some quest items.


You cannot buy anything in this game. If you want it. Earn it. How? Play the game.

One step at a time

The whole point of this tip section is to tell you to not get flustered. Maybe you only do a level or two a day, or a few adventures a week or manage your kingdoms every other day.

It's all a slow steady grind to the top. What's at the top? Harder creatures and Celestials.

Kingdoms also come in handy the higher the level you are, specifically for crafting high-end items that cannot be purchased from the shop and access to high-end damage dealing end game enchantments.

Your First Adventure

The best way to get early levels is to first gear your self out with the gold given and once you are able to kill goblins in one hit, head to Smugglers Port at 160/80 using the directional move buttons. it's the first port you see after you register and the game loads.

Do the first adventure a few times till you can then select Moss Covered Skeleton and kill it in one hit. Then do the second adventure a few times.

After a few times you should have amassed a lot of items, gold, xp and possible skill xp if you decide to train a skill while doing adventures.

learn more about Adventures here.