The game comes with a few ways to notify you. One is through the notifications center at the top right of the screen.

As well as notifications that can be in chat:

Which are called server notifications.

Players can also be emailed if they are not online and have those settings turned on. The only time we will email you is in the following situations where you are not online:

  • Adventure you were on completed.
  • Class Damage Stat was changed.
  • Item was deleted or affix was deleted.
  • Skill was added to your character.
  • You were banned.
  • You can speak again.
  • You were unbanned.
  • Your request to be unbanned was ignored.
  • A kingdom is under attack.
  • Kingdom was taken.
  • Kingdom wa attacked, or you attacked a kingdom (and the units returned or were all lost).

If you are online, most of the above will display in chat. As you can see in the second image above.

Server notifications in chat

The chat area is extremely important to pay attention to. Messages about being out of gold for completing things such as enchanting/crafting or being told you have to wait for the appropriate timer to finish - all of these and more can appear in chat.

Other messages such as gold rushes, being told when you leveled up, skill level up (when fighting) and other game messages will appear here.

These server messages are only directed to you, so the rest of chat wont be polluted by each others server messages and can just focus on chatting.

Information about your kingdom will also appear here as well. Everything from building upgrading to kingdoms coming under attack will appear in chat so long as you are in chat or be emailed to you all at once, once per hour. With the exception of incoming attacks.

Some messages can be seen by everyone, such as global messages. There are few global messages:

  • Character finds a quest item
  • Characters kingdom is under attack on a specific plane (location is not shown).
  • Characters kingdom was taken on a specific plane (location is not shown.)

No popups or endless notifications.

There is none of that when it comes to notifying you. When you login, you won't have 500 notifications and popups to manage and clear. The only time we will populate your notification center is if you have completed an adventure.

Since you can only do one adventure at a time, you will not see endless notifications.