The Map

The game comes with a interactive map.

map image

The above allows you to see where you are, respserented by the character pin drop on the map.


For mobile players you can still interact with the map, you may not be able to "tap" on locations to bring up the modal to see details of that location, but you can always refer to the locations table to see what's at a specific location.

You can drag this map around and as you move to the edges of the map, the map will scroll over or up, or down to show you where you are at all times.

The blue ship icons repersent ports at which your character may set sail from. These are locations where you can access the market boards. More on this in the Markets section.

Arched lookeing buildings on the map are called locations, these can contain adventures or quest items that drop or both.

The water requires a special item called the Flask of Fresh Air, which is a rare drop off a monster. It has a 1% chance of dropping and allows the character to walk on water.

With the item, the character cannot traverse any blue sections of the map.


map image

The above shows you the movement options. You can move in one of four directions, each movement is 16 pixels across, each square is 16 pixels.

Movement has a time out of 10 seconds.

Setting Sail

map image

Here we can see that we are currently at Smugglers Port and we have selected to go to Port of Kalith.

We can see the cost of travel in gold. The minutes you will be timed out from moving and finally th coordinates of the port you are setting sail to.


map image

here you can see the adventure section. You can embark:


Which tells you how long the adventure will take in minutes to complete from start to finish and how mahy floors along with information about embarking.

You will see this modal every time you go to embark.



Here we can teleport. You select the X and Y axis and from there the total time out in minutes, cost in gold and total distance, calculated in pixels.

Teleporting cost is based on distance / character intelligence (minimum of 1) * 1000 gold.

The minimum you will ever pay for teleporting, regardless of distance is 1000 gold for high intelligence based characters)

Regarding Timeouts

You can do the following while each of the time outs is playing out. At any time you can manage your kingdoms and chat with other players:

  • Moving: Applies 10 second time out. You can do everything but embark on adventures.
  • Adventuring: Timer dependant on total levels of adventure. You can do nothing related to your character, movement, attacking or anything else including shoping, market boards, movement and so on. You are other wise occupied.
  • Sailing: Timer dependant on distance. Actions are treated the same as moving.
  • Teleport: Timer dependant on distance. Actions are treated the same as moving.

Redgarding quest items and locations

For visiting a location you can some times get a quest item that will only be awarded to you if you dont already have the quest item.

Adventures and their rewards

When you do an adventure, assuming you complete it successfully, if the adventure has a quest item as reward you will get that item once. Even if you do the quest 100 times again, you'll only get the item once.