Time Mages Bomb

This item can be sold on the market.

Item Details

Blow up a kingdom why don't you. Who doesn't like dropping bombs on kingdoms?

Base Damage:
0 (With all modifiers)
Base AC:
0 (With all modifiers)
Base Healing:
0 (With all modifiers)

Crafting Info

Crafting Type
Skill Level Required
Skill Level Trivial
Gold Cost:
God Dust Cost:
Shards Cost:

Usable Item

When using this item, it's effects will be applied for a specified amount of time in minutes. Usable items, accept those that are used to attack kingdoms, are used from the character inventory section. These items can only be crafted and can be sold on the market.

Upon being used, you can see the "applied boons" under the Active Boons tab on the character sheet where you can see the boon and even cancel its effects early if you so desire.

These items can crafted via Alchemy.

This is a single use item that can only be used when attacking kingdoms. The way this works is you move to a kingdom you want to attack. Then you click Attack Kingdom. from here, instead of selecting a kingdom to attack with, you can select to use an item, from there you can pick the item to use.

Upon use, the damage shown below will be whats done to all aspects of the kingdom. Buildings, morale, units - all reduced - at once.

You cannot use these items to take a kingdom. Even if you decimate the kingdom, you must move in with a settler to take the kingdom.

Damages Kingdom For: