Book of the Dead Souls

Item Details

Why on earth would you ever want this item? You open it only to see nothing but thousands of tormented souls screaming back at you... Oh the Weaver wants this, never mind, child.

Base Damage:
0 (With all modifiers)
Base AC:
0 (With all modifiers)
Base Healing:
0 (With all modifiers)

Quest Item Details

Drops only from*:
Wrecked Ship
At (X/Y):
Located on plane:
Wrecked Ship

* Players cannot be auto battling for this item to drop. Looting in this location is capped at 45%. All drop chances are 1/1,000,000. Players may also eed to do relevant quests to access this location.

Voidance and Devoid

Devouring Light Chance:
Devouring Darkness Chance: