Deaths Water

Have you ever taken a boat out on to the Death Water oceans that surround the land masses? No? Don't, even for the cave of treasures - you have to go through the ocean first. This water will kill you.

Time Per Level (Minutes)
Item Find Chance
Gold Rush Chance
Skill Bonus EXP
EXP Bonus

Found At:

Per Page:  
Name Map X Coordinate Y Coordinate
Death's Port Dungeons 112 112
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With Monsters:

Monsters are selected at random for each adventure level.

Per Page:  
Name Plane Max Level Damage Stat Health Range Attack Range XP Gold
Banshee of Desire Dungeons 970 chr 80000-90000 110000-130000 15 3,400
Elemental Knight Dungeons 990 focus 100000-200000 150000-200000 20 5,000
Red Mage of Icaraus Dungeons 999 str 100000-200001 150000-200001 20 4,500
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