Deaths Water

Have you ever taken a boat out on to the Death Water oceans that surround the land masses? No? Don't, even for the cave of treasures - you have to go through the ocean first. This water will kill you.

Time Per Level (Minutes)
Item Find Chance
Gold Rush Chance
Skill Bonus EXP
EXP Bonus

Found At

Per Page:  
Name Map X Coordinate Y Coordinate
Death's Port Dungeons 112 112
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With Monsters

Monsters are selected at random for each adventure level.

Per Page:  
Name Plane Max Level Damage Stat Health Range Attack Range XP Gold
Banshee of Desire Dungeons 970 chr 80000-90000 110000-130000 15 3,400
Elemental Knight Dungeons 990 focus 100000-200000 150000-200000 20 5,000
Red Mage of Icarus Dungeons 999 str 100000-200001 150000-200001 20 4,500
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